Sunday, April 8, 2018

Sunday 6

Hi Friends!
     Thanks Mrs. Wheeler for your weekly linky party!
     Just before Easter our third quarter of school ended.  To celebrate the end of the quarter and the successes everyone had our wonderful PTO group provided bouncy houses for the elementary students.  The students loved their time in the bouncy house and they were certainly tired when our turn ended.

     This week was a week of extremes!  Beautiful tulips blooming in the house and icicles hanging on the house.  

     Two snow days!!!  


     Yes, two snow days in April!  I think that is a first for me in my teaching career.  Even here in northeastern Wisconsin, this was a strange week.

     The good news, later this week the temps should be back to close to normal.
     This week we will be working on our graphing skills.  I was off to my favorite Dollar Tree to find what I could find. I was very pleased with these items - little erasers, assorted animals, building blocks, and baseball cards. 

     Students will use these items to create their own picture graphs and bar graphs.  More about our graphing adventure  next week.

     We are WRITERS!  I'm so proud of this group of students!  They are writers, they take their time, they think, and some even remember capital letters and end marks. 😄

     Our class is currently working on completing the Student Treasures published book.  Anyone else complete a book this year?  I have a parent volunteer coming in later this week to help with the final copy of written pages.  I'm hopeful it will only take a day or two to get the perfect, mistake-free pages we need.

     I know I've shared pictures of our school's family meetings before, but these monthly meetings always impress me.  I love the organized look of everyone in their grade level colors, second grade is purple.

     We always have a character education lesson and pick names for prizes.  The prizes are the best part!

     It is hard to believe that we are in our last quarter of the school year!  Where does the time go?  Like you I have so many things that I want to do with the students.

     What are some of the end of year projects you plan to do?

Have a great week!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sunday 6

Happy Sunday, Friends!

What a week we had in second grade!  Check out all the great things that happened...

I was totally blown away when my principal, my family, and Chris from WEA Trust surprised me in my classroom!  Why did they surprise me?  I wrote a grant to incorporate worm farms into 2/3 grade to reduce the organic waste in our school.  Chris explained that my grant proposal was one of three winners out of 150 proposals submitted from the entire state of Wisconsin!  Total shock!  I am over the moon with ideas for the project.  As teachers, we all know how wonderful it is to get our projects funded and not have to rely on self-funding our own projects.  What a fantastic opportunity for our students and school to impact the local environment!

This week students celebrated Music In Our Schools Week.  Dressed up days are great but they can be very distracting.  This pretty girl from my class won the "Night at the opera" dress-up day.  I think it was the up-do and pearls!  So many students did an excellent job of dressing up each day to support our music program.

The second grade won the giant music note trophy at the all school assembly on Friday!  We will proudly have the trophy displayed in our hallway.

Outstanding partner work!  I love when the kiddos really get it!  This week students had lots of opportunities to work with partners.  During enrichment/intervention time, students worked with partners to produce their part of the "TV show" we are presenting on Wednesday!  I'm hopeful they will be ready to perform live.

In Science class, students partnered to write about the four seasons.  Half the students stayed in their seats while half the students walked the perimeter of the classroom.  When I said stop they had to work with the person they were closest to.  As usual some students felt the need to walk quickly to their best friend, but generally they followed the guidelines.  Each time they stopped, partners wrote about the kinds of clothes they wear and what activities they do for a specific season.

We have a short week coming.  Staff will have three days off and with one professional day.  That makes it two three day weeks in a row!!!  I try not to think about all you fortunate teachers who have an entire week for spring break! 

Have a great week!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday 6

Belated Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I pulled out this retro project for the kiddos this past week.  The only direction I told the children, you have to use multiple green crayons and you can use white.  Mounting them on the green paper really made them pop! 

Exploration Spaces are little areas I set up in the classroom for the students to explore.  Most of the items I have gathered on my travels, books about our current science or social studies topic, and games I've made.  The spaces are open anytime the students have independent work time.

Here is a leftover from the 100th Day of School, but still a very valuable tool.  Students are still adding to the posters so I thought, why not leave them up!  We have posters for verbs, adverbs, and nouns also.

I work with an advanced group of students for our enrichment/intervention time.  It is a wonderful group of students and they challenge me as much as I hope I challenge them!  We have been working on worm habitats and using worms to reduce the organic waste in our school.  

This week our "wormy" activity focused on coding.  The group knows that worms crawl all over the habitat devouring food, so they created paths for their fellow group mates to follow.  It was very interesting observing the students who got through the assignment and those that thrived on it.  Coding was a great activity and I know that I will include it in other units in the future.

As we entered school one morning we were greeted by this display!  If you could look close up each teacher's school picture is on the letters of the word teacher.  So fun!

Thanks, Megan for hosting!


Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sunday 6

Thank you, Mrs. Wheeler for hosting this linky party!

Partner Activity - Students enjoyed partner time with when they practiced reading ar, er, ir, ur words.  I don't remember where I found this activity, if it is yours, let me know and I'll credit you.

Practicing Skits - Students paired up to create a quick skit showing the wrong behavior and the correct behavior written on their cards.  It is so fun to watch them prepare, assign parts, and get their dialogue correct.  This is a great speaking and listening skill activity.

Friday Fun - The last half hour of the day on Friday is reserved for Friday Fun.  Usually the students just want a little free choice time on the Chromebooks.  For some reason the kiddos think they have to all gather around the same table and compare the games they are playing.  What you can't hear is the upbeat music playing in the background!  I don't mind the volume of Friday Fun - it gives me a chance to clean my desktop and organize a few things.

Family Meetings - Once a month our elementary school has a Family Meeting (our elementary family).  Each grade wears their grade level colors (our 2nd grade color is purple) and we have a presentation about one of the 7 Habits for Healthy Kids.  Sometimes students make a video or the team finds videos to support the monthly habit or the teacher presenter talks with us.  The meeting always ends with announcing a prize winner from each classroom.

I know I only have five things for the week.  I'll try to be more purposeful for this week!  Once again, thanks Mrs. Wheeler!  I love a good linky party!

Until next week,

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Another Busy Week...

     Our busy week ended much like yours with Read Across America!  

     Read Across America - This year our second graders enjoyed read with fourth grade friends!  Our younger students invited family members to read with them.  The elementary students also dined on green eggs and ham.  We were also treated to a read aloud story by our principal!

     Vermiculture Habitats - As part of our enrichment time, students completed their vermiculture habitat models.  This group of students is focusing on the guiding question - can we reduce the amount of trash in our cafeteria and classroom? Very soon the enrichment students will be collecting organic food scraps from our cafeteria and feeding their live vermiculture habitat!  Stop back to see our project progress.

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