Friday, April 21, 2017

Five for Friday

It was pretty hard to get back into the school routine after our spring break.  This week was very short for me, PD and personal day.  Even though time was short, here are a few glimpses at my week.  I'm linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching for...

1  With tomorrow being Earth Day my class I should have spent more time on some of my favorite projects.  But hey Teacher Friends, you know how the time slips away!  It seems impossible to try to leave some of these things for a sub to tackle.  Maybe it is my controlling side (c'mon you have one too) but I'll just work on Earth Day next week.  Anyway isn't everyday, Earth Day?

2  We are working on our Weather unit in Science class.  I wanted to get this investigation completed so the sub wouldn't have to do it.  We made a cloud in a jar and as an added bonus the rain really came down in our little water cycle!  This is the first year the rain formed in picture perfect fashion! 🙂 Everyone was so happy!

3 Our school is exploring Keyboarding Without Tears for next year.  Admin has asked if we would try it out.  Thursday was our first day.  It seemed easy for students to log on and follow the directions.  Many asked if they could work on it at home!  There were some frustrated challenged students but that is not a bad thing.  Challenge is good for taking the kiddos to the next level.  As I look at the picture closer, I can see a few of the challenged students.  But I also see many accepting the challenge of the program.
     Your thoughts are valuable to me.  I would love to hear your comments about Keyboarding Without Tears.

That's all for me.  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Five for Friday

Happy first day of a long weekend!

     I'm hoping you all have off Good Friday like our school does.  We also have Monday off, so long weekend for me!

     Thank you, Kacey!  I'm so glad you host this weekly link up!

1 Landform snack - We are very fortunate that we can have snacks in our classrooms.  This week we used our snack to study for our Social Studies test.  Marshmallow plateau, M&M island, candy corn mountains (I told the kiddos they didn't have to eat the various parts, but I think almost everyone did!)  While I was working with each snack group, I was quizzing them on the many landforms we learned about in class.

2 Estimating activity - usually around holidays I bring out our estimating jar.  I found the glitter eggs at my favorite Dollar Tree.  Students  had to estimate the total number of eggs, next the number of yellow eggs, and finally the pink and blue eggs.  Many students remembered the total number of eggs subtracted the yellow egg total to find the remaining number of eggs for their guess.  However, I asked them if they thought I would really make it that easy.

3 Bunny Peep catapult activity - this week students scientist/engineers worked with a partner to build a catapult.  Once built, students launched bunny Peeps to see how far it would travel.  I used chalk to make our "track" as the kiddos called it and marked off one foot sections.  This helped when measuring the distance of each flying Peep.

So many smiles and giggles as we watched the Peeps go flying and landing with a thump!  How fun for the day before vacation, especially when it is hard to concentrate.

Check out my Thrifty Thursday from yesterday to grab your freebie for Peep Catapults.

Enjoy your long weekend!

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

Happy Thursday evening, Friends!

     This freebie may be late for you to use before your Easter break but, if you do this activity a few days after Easter your students will LOVE it.  A teacher friend pointed out that Peeps will go on sale the day after Easter and this usually when does her classroom Peep projects!

     Here is my Peep Catapult STEM activity freebie.  I make a big deal about calling my students, scientists and/or engineers when we are doing the STEM projects.  I want them to connect occupations with our classroom learning.

     When the partners were finished building their catapults, they tested it using various milk jug/bottle caps.  I didn't hand out the Peeps until it was their turn to complete their three final trials.  Scientists/engineers needed reminders that the task was to launch their Peep the farthest not the highest.  Some partners tried to go really high rather than trying to gain distance.

     All in all the scientist/engineers had a fantastic time!  So many smiles from the students as they were shooting plastic lids around the room.  Who can't help but smile when a cute, yellow Peep bunny flies through the air and lands with a thump on the floor.😊

Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Ahhh, Saturday!

It's a beautiful Saturday in Wisconsin!

Thanks, Kacey for hosting another Five for Friday or Saturday!
1 These sweet girls completed all their class work, so they were rewarded with a little different spelling activity.  I've talked about our great student teacher this semester, which gives me the opportunity to do different activities with students.  I grabbed the box of giant letters (just note cards attached to wood sample squares - from a door company) and a spelling list.  The girls worked together to spell as many words as they can.  Don't you love hearing giggles when they are having fun?!
2 Mrs. B (our student teacher) had great activities for the kiddos this week.  Like your students, they really like the time to interact with a friend and the teachers like the learning involved! 

3 Prodigy - Wow!  This fantastic FREE program is a must for your classroom!  Students work through math questions to earn the opportunity to battle in the game. 

     Due to a schedule change this week my students had thirty minutes to work on Prodigy.  When I announced Prodigy time the kids were so happy you would have thought I started tossing candy around the classroom!  In that one thirty minute session they answered 347 math questions! 
     Check out my Thrifty Thursday from this week for more information.  If you do sign up your class, I can earn points when you use my referral code:  Your students will totally enjoy the program.
 4 Scholastic News time offers an engaging discussion time for my classroom.  This week when we finished reading the selection our class went on to connect the issues to our ELA classes.  To reinforce our poetry work students searched the issue for onomatopoeia words and rhyming words.  Then to review they found proper nouns and adjectives.  For each students used different color crayons.
Have a wonderful weekend!  Wisconsin is excited for our first 70s of 2017!


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

Hi Friends!

Do your students enjoy playing video games?
Would you like to engage and stimulate your math students?
Introduce your students to Prodigy and you'll be the coolest teacher in the school!

     Prodigy is a fantastic way for students to do both!  The best part is the program is FREE!

     Prodigy is an engaging math program/app for students.  Students work through math problems, as they complete a problem they earn rewards that help them as they battle various characters.  Stop by the Prodigy site, watch the video, and sign up your class!  Oh, by the way I'd love for you to use my referral link:   With full disclosure I do earn points for my class if you use my referral link.  

     Teachers can easily set assignments/concepts for their students/classroom.  When your students log on to Prodigy, they will be practicing the concepts you set for them.  I haven't told my students that I set the concepts for the class.  One student said, "Mrs. Brown, I have lots of money questions to answer."  Between you and I, what teacher doesn't love a little secret from their students?

     My teaching partner uses Prodigy during her Daily Math rotations.  Her kiddos can't wait to log on and work on their Prodigy journey.

     Teachers in grades 3-5 will enjoy the test preparation component of Prodigy.  Just like setting assignments/concepts for your students, you can select specific test prep questions. 

Thanks for visiting today!


Friday, March 31, 2017

Five for Friday

TGIF!  Some weeks just seem longer than others!

Thanks, Kacey for hosting Five for Friday!

     My second graders are working hard during their weekly keyboarding class!  It is fun to see their progress and how some students are applying their new skills when working on our Chromebooks.
     Even though April Fools Day is on Saturday, our class made a special treat - Burgers and Fries!  We used a Pinterest recipe with the ingredients of Oreo cookies, vanilla wafers, frosting, with a side of shoestring potatoes.   This is always a favorite treat for the kiddos.
     My students always enjoy working with a partner.  This week the kiddos needed lots of reminders to whisper or at least talk quietly while working with their buddy.  Anyone else have to continually remind the kids to whisper?
Enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

Hello Friends!

     Just wanted to share a game my class played this week.  As we continue our place value work, my math students enjoy working with partners to complete a variety of activities.

     A deck of cards (Ace through 9) and a place value mat. Partners deal out all the cards, keep the cards face down, and do not look at the cards.  To play students place the top card in their hand in the ones box, the next card in the tens box, and a third card in the hundreds box.  Players read their numbers, the player with the greatest number takes all the cards.  Continue to play until one player has all the cards.

     I print enough place value mats for my class.  If you have an odd number of students, this game will work for a group of three.  The players will have less cards to begin the game, so their game will go quicker.

     This is a great game to use decks of cards that may be missing some cards!  So don't toss out those decks of cards, use them in your classroom!  How thrifty is that?!

Stop by again,