Saturday, September 29, 2018

Freckle Juice

Happy Saturday, Friends!

Just a quick post to let you know about a new literature packet I put out this week.

Freckle Juice!  If you haven't read this oldie but goodie book, you must.  It is a great story about second grade life.  I can totally see this happening in second grade.

Hop over to my TpT store to get your copy of this literature packet today!

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Math Mountain - Ice Cream Cones

Happy Sunday, Friends!

Like many of you, I enjoyed the warm relaxing days of summer.  Sipping coffee instead of gulping cold coffee on the run, reading novels in the sunshine instead of correcting papers while trying to stay awake on the couch, playing with my grandchildren, ahhh remember summer!  Well, back to reality and the school groove.

Here in northeastern Wisconsin we have been blessed with beautiful weather and warm sunshine for the past week and a half.  I know our bad weather is coming, so enjoy it while it lasts.

I finished a math product and wanted to share it with you!  I hope you find it as helpful as I have for my math kiddos.

Math mountains are an important tool to show the total and two partners for addition problems.  When using a math mountain tool students look for partners/addends of a given number.
Math Mountain Ice Cream Cones will energize your guided math groups.  Students will assemble/arrange the scoops to make a math mountain arrangement.  The activity cards are open-ended and can be used in various ways.  

Students can play a go fish type game with the cards.  Student pairs can work together to make an array of math mountain ice cream cones. The scoops can be dealt out to play an old maid type game.

Two versions are in my TpT store - a free version with only numbers 0-10 and a full version with numbers 0-20.  The full version also includes ink saving blackline masters.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Teachers Pay Teachers Sale

Happy summer days!!!  

Ahhh, sunshine, relaxation, spending time with my family!  Those are all the things that I've been doing instead of blogging.  This summer for some reason I needed to step away from all things work related.  It has been wonderful!  I'm sure that many of you have done the same thing.

Now that the school year is looming just around the corner, my brain is starting to engage in work related tasks.

Starting August 1 Teachers Pay Teachers is having a site wide sale.  Visit my store to grab great deals on all my products.  Be sure to use the code when you check out to get the biggest discounts.

Also, stop over at Classroom Freebies to check out tons of free resources.  This summer I've been putting many freebies on the site.  Additionally, I have also gathered many great resources for the upcoming school year. 

Enjoy your summer days!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Sunday 6

Hello, Teacher Friends!
Thank you, Mrs. Wheeler for hosting Sunday 6.
Worms - Our worm project has officially begun.  Even though we only have a short time left of school the students are digging the worm project!  It was an exciting day when the worms arrived.  Who knew the worms would arrive in a bag!  My husband and I will be babysitting these 2,000 little ones for the summer.  Next year the kiddos will be ready to begin the year with these little guys.

3 Million Words - I'm so proud of one of my students, Gabby.  She has read 3 million words this school year!  Whaaat - that is an outstanding number of words.  Gabby was awarded this medal for her efforts.

Newspaper Towers - This week the second graders completed a STEM challenge - build a tall tower out of newspaper tubes.  I was fortunate to have a sub on Monday who had time to roll lots of the tubes.  
STEM time is one of my favorite times in the classroom.  The ability to work with a partner is an important skill for everyone.  As I wander around the room during STEM challenges, I listen in on conversations.  I've found the successful partners take time to listen to each other and have the ability to take direction from each other.  We all know the partners who only want to do things their own and then check out when their partner does something in a different way.  Oh the joys of learning!

Newspaper House - Last week brought challenges in our classroom, with only 6 days left how does a teacher keep students engaged?  We started building a house out of newspapers!  Rather than recycle the newspaper tubes after our tower challenge, I asked students to help me build a house!  Many students have met their reading goals, their Lexia learning minutes, and completed all their work, rather than tell them to read another book or read with a buddy, they became part of my construction crew.  
As we worked, I talked to the construction crew about strength and using triangles to make the various walls stronger.  Once we had the walls at a fairly secure stage, we started adding paper bag walls.  The bags also helped with the strength of the walls.  Hopefully, our house will be finished on Tuesday so the students have a coupe days to enjoy the house before our last day on Friday.

Field trip Fun! -  Our field trip to the lake was so much fun!  Each year our second grade class uses the facilities at Lake Lundgren Bible Camp.  It is so relaxing, I know some field trips are stress filled with trying to keep everyone corralled and accounted for, we have worked at getting the trip to be just as enjoyable for the staff as the students.
This year one of our speakers was able to attend, so in a pinch a retired middle school science teacher (dad to my co-worker) visited with the kids.  The students went on a scavenger hunt in the area around the lake.  This student really took her time to find all the items and make them just the right size for her egg carton.

Enjoy the short week!  Only 4 days of school left for me!


Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sunday 6

Happy Sunday!

Happy Mother's Day!

Thanks, Mrs. Wheeler for hosting!  It would be great if you would join this linky party.  It would be fantastic to get a glimpse of what's happening in your classroom!

Math Talk - my math students have been doing a great job showing the many different ways to solve problems.  I love to hear how each student explains their thinking.  It is such a great learning tool for their peers.

Arrays - We started working on arrays this week.  We used large egg crate dividers and plastic counters, we used dino counters, and we used whiteboards and markers.  The kiddos have done a great job creating arrays and explaining how to create an array.  They are wonderful equation writers for their arrays also.

Reading Partners - I just had to get a picture of these two girls reading together.  They were a perfect example of partner work!

Mother's Day - Once again my students made this all time favorite Mother's Day gift.  Gotta love craft/fun foam sheets!  My volunteer cuts out the letters and glues them together for the kiddos (hot glue and kids, not a good combo).  The students love embellishing their project.

Hungry Bins - The worm bins have finally arrived!  If you remember a while back I was awarded a $3,000 grant for my classroom project - reduce cafeteria and classroom waste by using worms.  The Worms Ate My Homework project was born!  Students will now collect organic waste in the cafeteria and also shred paper from our classroom to cut down the amount of material our classroom throws away.

The worms arrive mid-week, I know the kiddos will be super excited to finally get this project rolling if only for a couple of weeks.  The great news - we will be ready to start immediately next school year.

AG Venture Day - Our high school students plan and carry out a great learning day for our students.  They teach the students about aspects of agriculture, which is huge in our rural area.  Too bad we walked around in the rain for an hour listening to the wonderful students.

Have a great week!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Sunday 6

I'm back for Sunday 6!
Thanks Mrs. Wheeler for hosting!

Bread Baking - Our second graders enjoyed a bread baking demonstration.  What a wonderful math and science lesson!

Digital Microscopes - My students had a great time using our new classroom digital microscopes.  As part of our plant unit, students investigated the inside of a seed that that was just about ready to germinate.

Earth Day Poetry - I love this project!  This writing project is a fantastic poetry connection.  The earth on each paper is made from a coffee filter colored with markers and sprayed with water.

Support Staff Appreciation - Each grade level was assigned a different support staff group.  Each second grader made a coffee filter flower (made much like the earth above) with a thank you note leaf.

Graphing Activity - As a culminating activity to our graphing unit, I walked the aisles of Dollar Tree and found all sorts of goodies.  Student pairs were given a paper bag with an assortment of objects.  Each pair had to figure a way to sort their objects and create a graph.  Some objects were easy to sort and others, like the baseball cards were more challenging.  The pair with the baseball cards finally decided on jersey color.  The pair with the animals decided on where they lived - jungle, forest, water.  Overall it was a great hands on activity.

Writers - This is a great group of writers!  We wrote a book and published it with Studentreasures just like many of you have done.  The process was long and our deadline to publish crept up on me, so we had to speed up our final product.  The kids were excited the day our book box arrived and quickly searched through the books to find their page.  In the midst of preparing our book, I told my teaching partner we probably won't do this next year, but now I'm thinking we will probably publish again!

Have a wonderful week!  So hard to believe that we are down to 19 days left in the school year!


Saturday, April 21, 2018

Guided Reading Group Selection

Guided reading time is a favorite in our classroom.  I enjoy creating new literature packets for my groups.  All the packets I create are used in my classroom with my guided reading groups.

Here is my latest packet ready for my group on Monday!  I've included portrait and landscape pages, just use the pages that are best suited for your students.

Stop by my store to grab your copy.

I also have a prefix freebie for you.  

This week my wonderful volunteer worked with groups of students to complete this flip flap.  The students loved that I copied it on astro bright paper.  The paper made their notebook pages pop!

Until next time,