Thursday, December 29, 2011


     I love to play games with my students.  In fact many former students will tell me they remember playing games in my classroom.  I've also had parents compliment me on the activities/games my students participate in.  Here are a few games we like to play and also a few new games I found during my web searching.  I hope you and your class enjoy these games also!

Quiet Ball
     The object of the game is to see how many times the class can toss the ball without talking or making a sound.  Using a soft ball (we use a soft, spiky, koosh-type ball) the person throwing the ball makes eye contact with the person who will catch the ball.  If the ball is dropped or the person makes a sound they sit down in their place in the circle.  Play continues until only one person is left.  Variation:  The teacher silently counts the number of times the ball is caught.  The class will try to beat that number the next time they play.  This is a great game to play during those extra five minutes.

Beep, Beep
     My class requests to play this game the last few minutes of the day while everyone is waiting to go home.
     One student hides his eyes, the teacher selects a student to hide behind a cabinet.  The remaining students switch places in the classroom.  The first student uncovers his eyes and tries to guess who is hiding.  This is harder than you think, I've tried it.  If the student doesn't guess within a few seconds the student that is hiding says beep, beep.  I will say, "Mystery person disguise your voice and say beep, beep."  Usually the guesser is able to figure out who is hiding.

     Students sit in a circle.  Teacher points to the first student who says the first number in the counting sequence.  Continue counting until a student says 50, 100, or whatever the teacher sets as the final number.  The student who says the final number is out.  Counting continues until only one person is left.  This is good practice for counting by 2s, 5s, 10s.  Excellent activity to engage the whole class. 

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