Sunday, November 25, 2012

Jake Drake Teacher's Pet Literature Unit

I just finished a wonderful book Jake Drake Teacher's Pet!!!  I try to find different books for my guided reading groups, even though this book is an AR level 4.3 one of my groups is at that level.  I hope that after reading this book in group the students will be interested in more books by Andrew Clements.  You can get your copy of the literature unit at my TpT store.  I'm sure you will enjoy the story as much as I did.

Have a super week!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Base Ten and a Freebie

     Wow!  We made it to Thanksgiving vacation!  Our school has the entire week off for vacation.
     When we return to school I will be working with my students on a variety of base ten activities.  We will work with standard form, expanded form, number words, HTO charts, and drawing numbers.  I created a packet to use during my math workshop.  Lots of activities and a variety of suggestions for extension ideas are included.
     Visit my TpT for my Base Ten download.  Here is a freebie - Christmas Clip Art also at my Tpt store.  The clip art is an original product made by my daughter.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ghostly Fun with Story Problems and a Freebie

     Another quick post to share two items with you.  We've been busy in 2nd grade with hard and soft c and g.  It seems like when the kiddos get it they get and then there are those students who really need extra practice with the phonics skill.  I collected many words to fit into the hard and soft c category and hard and soft g category.  During my guided reading groups I would write a number of words on a small white board.  Students would follow directions to identify words in certain categories.  For example, circle the hard g words with red, draw a box around the soft c words.  Visit my TpT store for a free list of hard and soft c and g words.

    Ghostly Fun with Story Problems is a Math Workshop activity.  The activity can be used a couple different ways.  Students can complete the story problems and record their answers on the SCOOT recording sheet as they work through the problems are their own pace.  Students can work with a partner to complete the word problems.  Play SCOOT with your students using the word problem cards.  Buy a bag of GhostMallows for the students to use as manipulatives to complete the story problems.  Visit my TpT for your copy.

Sorry for the bad preview.  It looks much better at TpT.

I'm linking up with Classroom Freebies.  Enjoy the wonderful resources you'll find!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Stay dry this weekend,

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Compound Words

   Just a quick post to point you in the direction of my newest item on TpT.  Compound words are coming up next week.  This packet includes two card games - a memory type game and an old maid type game.
   Visit my TpT store to pick up your copy.

   Tomorrow our school will have Parent Teacher Conferences.  It is a good day but gets very long.  During the afternoon parents are able to go from room to room to visit with teachers.  We don't schedule conferences and everything seems to work out.  I'll keep the water nearby.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Writer's Workshop and Math Mountains

     Wow!  My kiddos are doing a fantastic job in our writer's workshop!  They are great with getting started right away, wonderful stamina, and to top it all off... they are able to twist a phrase and make us laugh!  Today I told them that they are not only on the path to being good writers but they are on the super highway to writing!
      Here is our anchor chart telling them how our workshop is set up.
  ~   Math Mountains ~
     Our math series, Math Expressions has a wonderful component called Math Mountains.  The mountain helps the children see the relationship between addition and subtraction equations.  We start our school year with basic facts and move to two-digit numbers on our math mountains.  Students  utilize the math mountains to complete story problems during their independent worktime.
     I created a game for my students to use during our math workshop time.  Visit my TpT store for your copy of the game.
Happy Wednesday,

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sentence Practice

     Writing with 2nd grade students can be a challenge at times.  I have students who really take off with their writing and always groan when they hear the five minute warning (an iPod signal that tells us we have 5 minutes left of class).  Then there are the students who have 'writer's block' and no matter how many prompts or thinking conferences I have with them they still are at a loss for something to write.  Those are the students who need a little extra encouragement.
     On a side note, one little boy came to me early in the year and said "I'm never going to share".  I replied okay and left it alone.  A few days later after a conference or two, during which he made me chuckle with his writing, the little lad asked if he could be first to share!  Success!!!
     Here are a couple of resource I found that will help out when a student may need a change of pace from the paper and pencil writing.
     Thank you, thank you, thank you to Technology Rocks Seriously for featuring the following resources...

The teacher types the sentence and the student arranges the words in order.
Create sentences with virtual refrigerator magnets color coded by nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, conjunctions, and prepositions.
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Manic Monday

Happy Monday Everyone!

This is my first link up to Classroom Freebies!  Thanks for stopping by!

Enjoy this Adverb Game.  The game is a great partner activity.

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Subject and Predicate Game

     After a week of working on subjects and predicates I found that my kiddos still needed a little more practice.  I created this game to use during resource time with my class.  I've included an answer key so the students can play independently.
     Visit my TpT store for your copy.

Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I'm Back!

Where oh where does the time go?  As you all experience, the start of school is super busy.  It sure is hard to get into the swing of the back to school schedule.

Here is a freebie for you all...
My 2nd graders have enjoyed playing this Making 10 partners game.  Levels for 11, 12, 13, and 14 are also included.

My TpT Store

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Monday Made It - Well, Almost

I missed Monday!  Where does the time go?  August is fast approaching and there is soooo much to do.  Here are a few easy projects I've been working on...

Project 1 ~

Reuse the hangers from clothing you purchase.  I plan to use my hangers for anchor charts.  The charts will be easily moved from one place to another.  I will also be able to attach a second chart to the back and flip them around as needed.

Project 2 ~

I love the tracking charts I've seen on Pinterest.  I didn't know which one to use in my classroom so I made both the tennis shoes and paw prints.  Both turned out great!  Which one do you like better for 2nd graders?

Project 3 ~

I love using these recycled pockets from jeans for holding all the little bits and bobbles in my classroom.  The pockets are super cute, cheap, handy, super useful!  They don't take up much space on a bulletin board.  I have lots of different sizes that I use.  What do I do with the rest of the pair of jeans?  I use the worn out jeans to make quilts!  I'll have to post a picture when I get another quilt completed.

Project 3 ~

Dice shaker made from baby food containers.  I know these are all over Pinterest but I haven't seen any that were made from a recycled item.

Project 4 ~

From this...
To this...

Ice cream container + scrap book paper + mod podge = cheap, cute storage container

Project 5 ~

Home made raspberry pie! Yum!!!!! even though it was a little sour!

Thanks for visiting!  It has been a busy week.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Made It

I'm back from my week at camp.  As always my friends and I had a wonderful time cooking for 250  campers.  My friends loved their new aprons!

Mondays are always so much fun with Tara's fantastic Monday Made It.

I'm continuing my project of creating activities for my math workshop.  Monster Match Game is a partner activity for students to make partners for 10, 11, 12, 13, or 14.  Enjoy this freebie!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Monday Made It

Don't you love Monday Made It with Tara!!! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the sweet and wonderful bloggers who share their ideas.  So little time and so much we could do.

Project 1
A quilt for baby Zoe! 

Project 2

My dear friends and I are off to summer camp for a week! Every summer we volunteer at a non-demoninational Bible camp.  During the week we will work in the kitchen cooking for about 200+ campers and staff.  Well, to perk up the kitchen I made three new aprons for each of us!  We do look very cute in the kitchen because we all match and we coordinate our shirts with the apron!

Project 3
I've been surfing the net for classroom library ideas.  Everyone has such fantastic ideas, pictures, and labels.  I thought for my purpose I would use my new bins from Dollar General.  When I saw the bins I bought all the green and blue ones they had - my classroom decor is all blue and green.

Next I thought about the labels and organization.  My super sweet daughter created an excel spread sheet with all the titles, authors, genre, and notes for all the books in my unorganized library.  By using this list I was able to sort all the my books.  I knew I would have to change my labels every so often so I opted to for hand written labels inside the name badge thingies.  I color coded the labels and finally will add a colored dot to each book to make it easy for my librarian to file the books each day.

Finally, this isn't a project but you have to keep a secret--here is a picture of the recycled items I'm hoarding collecting to use for future projects.  I did use some of my extra Dollar General bins to make it look pretty.  Oh, the secret part is keeping it from my extra sweet husband who totally supports all my endeavors.  I'm keeping the items in our game room, which is only used by our college aged daughters who are not at home for the summer.  Don't you think it's a great hiding space?

Have a wonderful week and think of me in the kitchen!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Disappointed :o(

My family spent  time this evening running errands and stopping at a few stores.  Well, like so many of you I couldn't pass Target without stopping in.  Your posts have been getting my "teacher ideas" flowing and a little pocket chart envy was going on also.  I confidently walked to the dollar spot prepared with a cart to fill it up and eventually sneak my teacher treats into the car (so hubby wouldn't see).  But (here where the story gets sad) this Target only had some very picked over clearance items!  Now for the really sad part...I only bought two flyswatters for 50 cents.  Maybe on the bright side my funds will be there for the next trip to the dollar spot!

Here's hoping your Target trip is better!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Made It

Reuse, recycle... well that is what I did.  During my blog meandering I found the Power Tower video from Teacher Tipster.  He used the small paper cups for his tower.  I thought about items that I've been hoarding storing in my classroom.  Which brought me to the small plastic cups our church uses for communion.  I'm sure some of you also have used these cups on a Sunday and thought, "What can I use this for."  Well in the past I rescued these cups from the trash, brought them home washed them, and neatly stored them away in my classroom for a rainy day.  No really, when we have inside recess on rainy or snowy days I will bring out my storage box of neatly stacked communion cups and let my kiddos build towers with them.  This makes for a very quiet inside recess as most of the kiddos are so busy concentrating on making the tallest tower in the classroom.

Back to my idea... I thought rather than buy cups to write math facts on I will use these small communion cups.  Enough said here is the picture of my creation.  Now to find the just right recycled container to store the game.

I added the large paper clip to the picture so you can get an idea of the size of the cups.

Also, here is a freebie I created for my math class.  Our school district uses Math Expressions and I will use this to reinforce number words and adding ten to a one-digit number.  I call this Equation Word Match.  This is a simple go fish type game, I've learned over the years that my students enjoy playing games without too many directions.

And there's more... I saw this card holder idea in blogland but (I'm sorry) I don't remember where.  If it is your idea please send me an email and I'll link you up.

The card holder is made with two margarine tub type lids and a paper fastener.  Couldn't be easier!  I think the pictures will give you the directions.  Now to get my family to save the lids for me so I will have enough for my class.  Reuse - isn't it great!


Enjoy your Monday!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Be a buddy, not a bully...

Today one of the morning shows had the bus monitor who is currently at the center of the the bullying issue.   I get a lump in my throat each time I see the video clip of her (people can be so cruel).  Anyway she is now wearing a bracelet with the words, Be a buddy, not a bully.  I thought this would make a great reminder sign for my classroom as well as the hallway.  Here is my freebie for you.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'm Early!!! for the Monday Made It...

I was excited to show off my baby quilt creation.  I made the quilt for a dear friend's first granddaughter due in about 4 weeks.  After receiving the baby shower invitation I visited the fabric store for the just right fabric.  My jaw dropped when I spotted the exact fabric that matched the invitation and that the proud mommy and daddy painted on the nursery wall.  It was a match made in heaven!  It is a joy to sew these quilts for the special babies!

Sunday, June 17, 2012


I love teaching my 2nd graders but, I also love summer vacation!  So far my summer has been filled with spending time with family, gardening, projects that I didn't have time to work on during the school year, reading, and just relaxing.

Of course, blog stalking has been relaxing and so fun sharing your summer vacation also.  So far I've read many wonderful ideas for my next school year.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Poetry Project

Poetry is a wonderful way for students to express themselves.  When my teammate and I introduced our poetry unit we heard a couple of aarrgghhs.  Then we read lots of examples from Bruce Lansky's books.  What a change in attitude!  Many of the students were rolling with giggles and wanted us to read more!  Mr. Lansky's site was the source of our inspiration.  Thank you, Mr. Lansky for sharing your talent with my students!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What's up...

Snow Day!!!  February 29 was a long awaited snow day for our school district.  We had more snow on that day than we had all winter!  I was able to spend a relaxing day blog stalking, creating, and working on two baby quilts.  It is a blessing to have a snow day!

We concluded our graph unit.  My students were able to have lots of hands on time creating graphs.  Our most enjoyable graphing day--the Title 1 teacher and I took our class to the parking lot to count cars.  My group completed a tally chart for colors of vehicles.  The other group completed a tally chart for kinds of vehicles.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's For Parents!

This year I decided to give my students' parents a Valentine!  I saw this super cute crocheted heart on Pinterest.  The little heart inspired me to add the 'tail' and turn the project into a bookmark.  (I apoligize for the blurry picture.)  I printed the card on bright pink construction paper.  Since many of my students spend time at Mom's house and Dad's house I made enough bookmarks for students to have two.

The card reads...  Share the love of reading with your child every day.  Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Idioms & Sentencs

Anchor charts are wonderful tools for the classroom.  I know this is nothing new to everyone but the charts really do a make difference for the students.  Here are the charts we used last week. 

My students really enjoyed the idiom activities.  We started our discussion with identifying common idioms they might hear.  As soon as they heard a couple idioms they took off with idioms they've heard before.  Our hallway had lots of staff stopping for a look.

We finished our Kinds of Sentences chart with exclamations.  Each of the tags on the chart are attached with removable double stick tape.  I plan to resuse the chart again next year.  My students also have a smaller version of the chart in their reader's journal.