Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ghostly Fun with Story Problems and a Freebie

     Another quick post to share two items with you.  We've been busy in 2nd grade with hard and soft c and g.  It seems like when the kiddos get it they get and then there are those students who really need extra practice with the phonics skill.  I collected many words to fit into the hard and soft c category and hard and soft g category.  During my guided reading groups I would write a number of words on a small white board.  Students would follow directions to identify words in certain categories.  For example, circle the hard g words with red, draw a box around the soft c words.  Visit my TpT store for a free list of hard and soft c and g words.

    Ghostly Fun with Story Problems is a Math Workshop activity.  The activity can be used a couple different ways.  Students can complete the story problems and record their answers on the SCOOT recording sheet as they work through the problems are their own pace.  Students can work with a partner to complete the word problems.  Play SCOOT with your students using the word problem cards.  Buy a bag of GhostMallows for the students to use as manipulatives to complete the story problems.  Visit my TpT for your copy.

Sorry for the bad preview.  It looks much better at TpT.

I'm linking up with Classroom Freebies.  Enjoy the wonderful resources you'll find!

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