Sunday, March 24, 2013

Five for Friday


Oh well, even though it's Sunday I thought I'd share my five random things from the week.

1. I'll start with a freebie.  Here is a guided reading group freebie.  97 Ways to Train a Dragon is my newest unit that I'm using with one of my guided reading groups.  Visit my TpT store for your freebie!

2. I made new bags!  I've seen these on Pinterest and fell in love immediately!  My dear hubby searched and found these pretty birdseed bags.  My daughters have been searching for bags also.  They've found bags with horses and birds on them. 
3. "Be the teacher" was a popular choice during our last classroom reward drawing.  My students filled our classroom 100 chart and three of the seven students selected be the teacher reward.  What an enjoyable experience!!!  I had so much fun listening to the conversations as they were teaching the lesson.  It my teachers got stumped they just quietly walked over to me for further directions.  One little girl said, "That was so much fun!  I'm picking that again!"
4. On a personal note... I attended a bridal shower for a dear friend's daughter and came up with good ideas for my daughter's bridal shower.
5. Even though I teach in a public school I was very pleased to have some students ask about Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter.  Many students were happy to share their beliefs and faith!  This was all done with student led conversation!  What a great opportunity to share my faith and talk about Jesus.
Have a great week!

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