Friday, April 26, 2013

It's FRIDAY!!!

Congratulate me because this is the first Friday that I've actually linked on Friday!
Thank you Doodle Bugs for this great linky party, I really enjoy searching and gathering ideas from all the creative teachers across the country!!!

1 & 2.  Earth Day poetry posters - I love having my students create the earth with coffee filters, markers, and water.  They think it is magically after they color the filter and water is sprayed on it to blend the blue ocean and green land together.  We included the puffy white clouds complete with our original poetry. Our poems used tons of our adjectives from our awesome adjective anchor chart.  I didn't even think about adding a sun but some of my artistic kiddos asked it they could add the sun and it really added a pop of a different color.

3. A huge thank you to a very talented mother of one our second graders!  Every year Mrs. N bakes bread with our students.  She brings the ingredients and ready to put on loaves dough.  She started with mixing the ingredients.  Mrs. N incorporates loads of math concepts!  Every year I plan to take a picture of the finished product but the delicious loaves are gobbled up before I know it.

4. My sweet, middle daughter is getting married!  This weekend is her bridal shower, so we've been busy with preparations for the event.  Here is the gift everyone will be taking home from the shower.  I hope you can tell that it is a basket of flowers?!  A friend makes the pot scrubbies, so I put the scrubbie on top of wooden spoon wrapped in a cello cookie bag, tied each one with a green ribbon, and finally arranged all my "flowers" in a basket.

5. Finally, a day off!!!  Today I have personal day to prep for the shower and spend some time with all three of my daughters.
Enjoy your weekend and I so look forward to visiting all your Five for Fridays also!


  1. I love the coffee filter earths! They are SO cute. I'm going to have to put that in my bag for next year. Congratulations to you and your daughter!

    Primary Teacherhood

  2. I love the earth pictures! Absolutely beautiful! Now I'm in the mood for fresh baked bread!

    Sally from Elementary Matters