Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Made It

Thank you, Tara!  I love Monday Made It!

I'll get right to my made its...

1.  Something for everyone to enjoy - raspberry freezer jam, yum!
From this...                                         to this, delicious.

2.  I appreciate all the great pins showing the no name boards.  I used wood sample boards for the base, mod podge and scrap book paper to pretty things up, and printed the words on scrap book paper.

The green one is mine, totally matches my green and blue classroom decor.  The gray one is to give away at Triton Academy.  One session we teach is using recycled/repurposed items in the classroom.

3.  Here is my B!  which stands for Mrs. Brown!!!  This is a totally recycled project.  Now I know some you may have seen similiar pencil letters on pinterest but honest truth, I really, really, really didn't look this up before I started working on mine.  Here is my version...

I used the same wood sample board. 

Searched for the just right B.  My dear daughter, Stacy helped me use the band saw to cut all the pencils I've saved during the last school.  These pencils are the ones no one wants to use because they are too short or don't have an eraser.

Next I played around with the placement of the pencils, just trying things out to see if I liked the B different ways.

Once everything was just the way I liked it, I used Loctite Go2Glue.  This is a great glue because you can move things if they are just not right.  The Loctitle Go2Glue worked much better than hot glue which is usually use for all my projects.

Oh, and one more recycled piece of the project - the ribbon is from my daughter, Rachel's wedding earlier this summer.  The ribbon decorated candle holders but who needs 35 candle holders with blue ribbon!

I hope you enjoyed my made its.  I had tons of fun making the items.  Wait until you see my birthday project for next week.

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Happy Monday,

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