Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Made It!

Thank you, Tara!!!

As the first week of school approaches my to do list grows longer!  Anyone else have that same problem?  Here are my projects for the week...

1.  My friend, Linda and I taught at the Triton Academy this past week.  The teachers in the classes were fantastic and very appreciative of everything that we had planned for them.  Linda and I taught three sections this year:  Something New in PreK-2 (a make and take-it workshop class), an introduction to Teachers Pay Teachers, and Web Resources for PreK-2.

Our teaching friends had lots of projects they were able to print and assemble.  Linda and I really enjoy searching all of YOUR fantastic blogs and pins to find new items for this class year after year.  Monday Made It truly helps us become better teachers!!!
     A few of the items that we share with the class.  It is so much fun when our teaching friends from the many different schools tell us, "This is the best class I've ever taken!"  or "Thank you so much for putting in all the time to get ready for this class, we really appreciate it."  One of our goals is to have the materials ready to start using on the first day of school.  We know that a teacher's time is precious and if the items aren't ready to use they may not get used.

2.  This Happy Birthday jar makes me smile!  I hope my students will smile too when they see it.  The jar is filled with "kiss monsters" that I made.  They are called kiss monsters because when they open the mouth a hershey kiss is inside.  And for an added bonus I will put in a coupon from me for our school store (only 25 cents but they will love it).
     I love making these little guys!  The students in my classroom generally have never seen them before.  The little green guy with the open mouth is waiting for his hershey kiss.

3.  More raspberries - this time I thought my family would like some pie.  This pie is ready for the oven.

4.  Here is a great made it project from recycled items - a can from coffee or nuts, scrap book paper, mod podge, and toilet paper tubes.  I plan to use this to organize materials for my guided reading/math table area.

5.  Finally, my hubby, sister, and brother-in-law took a trip around Lake Superior.  What a fun trip!  We saw a lot of beautiful scenery and even a few bears!  If you have an opportunity visit the Great Lakes area, so much to do.  What did we make?  Memories and over 1400 miles!
Don't let the sandy beach deceive you, the water is a little cold even in August.
Have a great week!

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