Friday, September 27, 2013

Five For Friday

"It's the weekend already!" That's the comment I heard from one of my kiddos as he was leaving school. I think we can all agree that comment is music to a teacher's ears because the week must have flown by for him. 
Thank you Jen for great looking numbers! You can grab your own set at Doodle Bugs Teaching blogspot.

I am kicking myself!!!  We had out first Tasty Tuesday this week, the idea was originally from Christina Bainbridge several years ago.  The kids were excited and I was excited to share that with them and how could I forget to bring out the camera!  As I think back through the week that was even one of the high lights.  Well, trust me that our dirt dessert was wonderful!
My students rocked their apple writing this week!  I used my informative writing Create An Apple packet found in my TpT store.  It's a FREEBIE!  My 2nd graders did a great job with the project.

We have been working on a multitude of expectations in our classroom.  One of my pet peeves is rocking on chairs.  A few years ago a little girl actually broke her chair by rocking on it.  I know that things like that happen and our maintainance staff is GREAT and fix just about anything but do they really need to.  This little guy just needed a visual to show him what not to do.  With everything PBIS and staying positive I thought I would show him what it looks like.  Hopefully this visual will be enough to have him curtail his chair rocking.

Next we are using Amy Lemons' packet A Boy and His Dog to continue to encourage  the love of reading and work on our reading strategies.  I hope I won't be kicking myself for not taking pictures.
Happy weekend!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Exploring Maps Activity Packet

What a deal!  Today only my Exploring Maps Activity Packet is half price.  Visit my TpT store to grab your copy.
This packet is an excellent compliment to your Me On the Map unit.  While participating in the activities, students work on memorizing the seven continents, five oceans, labeling a compass rose, and working with a map key.


Friday, September 20, 2013

Five For Friday

Happy Friday!

1 Thursday morning our district had a 2 hour in-service meeting.  The presenter for the meeting worked with us on effective learning strategies for students.  So many great strategies that are ready to use in the classroom. 
Just after the presentation I was able to do a cooperative learning activity with the  student's daily language practice.  When the students arrived at school I had them pair up with a person close to them.  The pair worked through the five questions - correcting the mistakes in the sentences, identifying words that go together, and more.  
Here is the magic part - I didn't have to do any reteaching!  Students mentored each other, discussed the answers, and were totally engaged in the activity.
 2 More videos - I've been taking lots of short videos of my students.  I use the videos as teaching tools. While my students watch them we talk about things they are doing correct and things that maybe should be fixed. 
I'm proud to announce that my students are finding many things to give a thumbs up!  I know that I will continue to take the videos.
3 Brownies!!!  Thursday my kiddos filled the brownie pan!  A loud cheer went up when I awarded the last brownie.  Thank you to whoever thought of this great idea!
4 Map activities - Our "big" map assessment was today.  To prepare for the test we did a ton of activities - continent bingo, ocean and continent swat, I Have, Who Has, and the ever popular eggspert.
5 Stop by my TpT store on Saturday for my Continents and Oceans packet.  For 1 day only the packet will be half price!!!


Saturday, September 14, 2013


Here is the latest product in my TpT store.

Plural-O is an uno-type game developed for my 2nd grade classroom.  While playing this fast paced card game students practice making plural nouns using the suffixes –s, -es, -ies.  Even though I use this activity with my second graders this would be a fantastic activity for grades 3, 4, and 5. 
I'm off to do all the things I didn't get finished this week!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Five For Friday

Happy Friday Friends!!!  We all love our students and our classes but isn't Friday a great day of the week?!

1 - Busy workers!  Don't you just love it when your kiddos are doing everything right?

2 - Like so many of your classrooms our first Social Studies unit is "Me on the Map".   For part of the unit the students work with a partner to create their own map.  The students must draw the map, include a map key, compass rose, and title.  They must also include many details on their map.  

3 - Line basics - does that sound familiar to anyone?  I've been snapping pictures and video when I can.  I love showing the students these pictures and video, then asking what good things do they see.  Sometimes we do have to talk about the wrong things their friends may be doing.

4 - THANK YOU Heidi and Emily at Second Story Window for the fabulous post about chunk spelling!  Here is our first spelling list: 

The students did a great job copying the words into their spelling notebooks.  The tests were very good!  Now I just have to continue to work the kiddos so they can test each other while I circulate the room and manage.  This is such a great way to differentiate!

5 - Today several students earned their incentives for our school's positive behaviors program.  They thought today was fantastic!!!  I had one chewing gum, one sitting in the special chair, one having an iPod break (when time allowed), a fluffy friend came to school, and a pair of slippers!  I was so proud that everyone was able to pay attention even with all that going on.

As an added bonus our school PBIS team (I'm part of that great team) (I added that in case they read this blog post) put on a super fun line and hallway basics program.  The student body sang, danced a little, and quickly reviewed our line and hallway basics.  The entire school went over all these PBIS details at the beginning of the year but they sure did need a refresher this week.

Thank you Doodle Bugs!

Happy Friday Friends!!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Five For Friday

Week one is behind my 2nd graders and we are off and running!

1 - Running is what we did!!!  Why don't the schedules work smoothly on the first day or two?  Our 2nd grade team formed what we thought was the perfect schedule (or so we thought).  Only to realize that the students spend too much time organizing for the next class/activity/group than actually learning (not really but it sure seemed that way).  Finally, we (the teachers) worked out all the bugs in the schedule and it was sooo much better.  Anyone else have first week schedule problems?

2 - Even with all the chaos my great students were able to complete this cute ROARING good summer project.  My principal has a jungle theme so this fits in with her back to school posters and decor.  It always makes me giggle when I see the wide variety of faces and expressions on the finished product!

3 - Our school, mainly the lower elementary K-2 doesn't have a good way to display student work.  Now the powers that be want student work displayed so this is where magic has to happen!  I mean magic - generally the tape doesn't stick, the sticky back clip come loose, or other students slide their hands on the walls and "accidently" things come down.  I'm hoping that I've worked out a system that will greatly reduce my masking tape circles, frustration, and oh well you get the idea.
One day while I was blog hopping I ran across a door display that used the words below.  (Thank you teacher friend for posting your picture!)  It started my brain gears going and here is the result.

My meter stick clothes pin system will stay up all year!  The students decorated their names for their very own spot and now have ownership to be sure their project is on display.  To hang the projects all I need to do is clip the project to the clothes pin! 
How did I make it?  I attached clothes pins using permanent double stick tape with added tape over the top of the clothes pin.  Then to put up the meter sticks I used the command strips.  I hope the Command Strip people know how much teachers rely on their product.
4 - I'm off this weekend for a Ladies Retreat at Lake Lundgren Bible Camp.  Some laughing, relaxing, good food eating girl time!
5 - Oops - I guess I don't have anything else.  Oh, thanks Doodle Bug for the linky!