Friday, September 6, 2013

Five For Friday

Week one is behind my 2nd graders and we are off and running!

1 - Running is what we did!!!  Why don't the schedules work smoothly on the first day or two?  Our 2nd grade team formed what we thought was the perfect schedule (or so we thought).  Only to realize that the students spend too much time organizing for the next class/activity/group than actually learning (not really but it sure seemed that way).  Finally, we (the teachers) worked out all the bugs in the schedule and it was sooo much better.  Anyone else have first week schedule problems?

2 - Even with all the chaos my great students were able to complete this cute ROARING good summer project.  My principal has a jungle theme so this fits in with her back to school posters and decor.  It always makes me giggle when I see the wide variety of faces and expressions on the finished product!

3 - Our school, mainly the lower elementary K-2 doesn't have a good way to display student work.  Now the powers that be want student work displayed so this is where magic has to happen!  I mean magic - generally the tape doesn't stick, the sticky back clip come loose, or other students slide their hands on the walls and "accidently" things come down.  I'm hoping that I've worked out a system that will greatly reduce my masking tape circles, frustration, and oh well you get the idea.
One day while I was blog hopping I ran across a door display that used the words below.  (Thank you teacher friend for posting your picture!)  It started my brain gears going and here is the result.

My meter stick clothes pin system will stay up all year!  The students decorated their names for their very own spot and now have ownership to be sure their project is on display.  To hang the projects all I need to do is clip the project to the clothes pin! 
How did I make it?  I attached clothes pins using permanent double stick tape with added tape over the top of the clothes pin.  Then to put up the meter sticks I used the command strips.  I hope the Command Strip people know how much teachers rely on their product.
4 - I'm off this weekend for a Ladies Retreat at Lake Lundgren Bible Camp.  Some laughing, relaxing, good food eating girl time!
5 - Oops - I guess I don't have anything else.  Oh, thanks Doodle Bug for the linky!

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  1. I love the meter stick display idea! I have the same kind of walls, and know those Command Strips well! I've also heard that a glue gun works well, and doesn't damage the walls, but I'm a little nervous about trying it!

    Sally from Elementary Matters