Friday, September 20, 2013

Five For Friday

Happy Friday!

1 Thursday morning our district had a 2 hour in-service meeting.  The presenter for the meeting worked with us on effective learning strategies for students.  So many great strategies that are ready to use in the classroom. 
Just after the presentation I was able to do a cooperative learning activity with the  student's daily language practice.  When the students arrived at school I had them pair up with a person close to them.  The pair worked through the five questions - correcting the mistakes in the sentences, identifying words that go together, and more.  
Here is the magic part - I didn't have to do any reteaching!  Students mentored each other, discussed the answers, and were totally engaged in the activity.
 2 More videos - I've been taking lots of short videos of my students.  I use the videos as teaching tools. While my students watch them we talk about things they are doing correct and things that maybe should be fixed. 
I'm proud to announce that my students are finding many things to give a thumbs up!  I know that I will continue to take the videos.
3 Brownies!!!  Thursday my kiddos filled the brownie pan!  A loud cheer went up when I awarded the last brownie.  Thank you to whoever thought of this great idea!
4 Map activities - Our "big" map assessment was today.  To prepare for the test we did a ton of activities - continent bingo, ocean and continent swat, I Have, Who Has, and the ever popular eggspert.
5 Stop by my TpT store on Saturday for my Continents and Oceans packet.  For 1 day only the packet will be half price!!!


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