Friday, September 27, 2013

Five For Friday

"It's the weekend already!" That's the comment I heard from one of my kiddos as he was leaving school. I think we can all agree that comment is music to a teacher's ears because the week must have flown by for him. 
Thank you Jen for great looking numbers! You can grab your own set at Doodle Bugs Teaching blogspot.

I am kicking myself!!!  We had out first Tasty Tuesday this week, the idea was originally from Christina Bainbridge several years ago.  The kids were excited and I was excited to share that with them and how could I forget to bring out the camera!  As I think back through the week that was even one of the high lights.  Well, trust me that our dirt dessert was wonderful!
My students rocked their apple writing this week!  I used my informative writing Create An Apple packet found in my TpT store.  It's a FREEBIE!  My 2nd graders did a great job with the project.

We have been working on a multitude of expectations in our classroom.  One of my pet peeves is rocking on chairs.  A few years ago a little girl actually broke her chair by rocking on it.  I know that things like that happen and our maintainance staff is GREAT and fix just about anything but do they really need to.  This little guy just needed a visual to show him what not to do.  With everything PBIS and staying positive I thought I would show him what it looks like.  Hopefully this visual will be enough to have him curtail his chair rocking.

Next we are using Amy Lemons' packet A Boy and His Dog to continue to encourage  the love of reading and work on our reading strategies.  I hope I won't be kicking myself for not taking pictures.
Happy weekend!

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  1. I love the apple writing! So cute and creative! Thank you for the free resource. I've also been using this resource: Teacher Clipart Borders