Sunday, October 27, 2013

Five for Friday - Spider-ific!!!

Hello Friends!  This was a spider-ific week!  Check out our busy classroom - -

     This week we ate spiders and webs.  Well, not really but the students certainly enjoyed creating their very own special spider web.  A special snack is always welcome, isn't it? 
     One sweet student told her mom about our spider-ific learning and asked if she could bring a spider treat for everyone!  Of course I said a big YES when the mom emailed me.  How wonderful to have this quiet little girl go around the room handing out her treats and interacting with everyone in the classroom!



     Spider-ific creations!  I was so thankful that Skylar's mom was able to help out in our classroom one day.  She patiently worked with all the students in class to create their yarn spiders and spider webs.  Everyone made sure their spiders had two body parts and eight legs coming out of the head.  Notice the orange yarn spider on the desk.  I love these no cost projects that tap into each student's creative side. 
     We also had a little time on Friday to create the construction paper spiders for our ceiling.  Students followed glyph directions to make their special creations.  Don't your just love the faces of these spider friends!

     Natural spiders - my students worked on a project at home - create a spider using only items found in nature.  How creative!!!  I loved looking at the wide variety of spiders.  We have sunflower spiders, pinecone spiders, potato spiders, corn cob spiders, pumpkin spiders, and more.


     Our spider-ific learning went hand in hand with our text and graphic feature study this week.  We read various non-fiction pieces and identified the text and graphic features.

     Babies! Wow, I just finished making two baby quilts in a week! The sewing doesn't leave a lot of time for other things, so I have no new freebies or products to share with you this week. Maybe you'd like to know who the little ones are that will be covering these snuggly quilts - my niece in Delaware had a baby boy and good friends in Wisconsin had a baby girl.

     My two dear friends and I are off for a volunteering weekend at Lake Lundgren Bible Camp.  This weekend we will be cooking for about 100 people.  Those of you that have followed my blog, know this is a great ministry that I really enjoy!  
     I know this is Sunday but my volunteer time took me away to a place without wifi before I could get this posted.  Now after my rest I was ready to get back to work.

Have a great weekend Halloween week!  Will your students be wound up like I expect my students will be?



Saturday, October 19, 2013

Climbing the Math Mountain

Here it is - - Climb theMath Mountain activity!  My students will love playing this!  They enjoy a board game but sometimes their competitive side rears it not so pretty head.  At those times character education fits in perfectly.  Hop over to my TpT store to purchase your copy.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Five for Friday

Hey, hey is Friday!!! 
We started our Spider-ific Learning this week.  The first step, spend some time digging through the non-fiction books.  I love listening in on the conversations when my students are doing partner reading.  Of course the boys are really trying to get a bigger YUCK than the partners next to them.  Second, each student picked out 5 or six fantastic facts.  Finally, the non-fiction books will lead right into our reading skill focus next week - text and graphic features.

We even had a visitor.  This little fella was found in a student's doll house and she thought he would like to come to school for the day.  We used a hand lens to get up close and personal with him. 

Be sure to visit my litlle blog next week for the final spider-ific projects.

Scootin through math!  Thank you First Grade and Fabulous for two great Scoot activities that we used in class today.  My math students enjoyed the activity and followed directions beautifully!

 Still working on line basics.  Can you relate everyone who is working on PBIS?  We finished week 7 and still some students need to be reminded about their line basics.  Any suggestions so I don't have to keep repeating myself and they will just line up without reminders?

Check back later this weekend for a new Math Mountain board game. 

Rest and relax!  Tomorrow I'll be spending a little time outside checking out the many colors of fall in Wisconsin!  This is a very pretty time of year.  I hope you have time to enjoy the colors of fall in your area!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Freebie For You

     I have a freebie for you!  This week my class will be working on singular and plural nouns.  To help my kiddos master these nouns I created a flip book for them.  My students will make the flip book and put it in their reading/language notebook.
Visit my TpT store for your free copy.
Have a great week!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Five for Friday on Saturday

Hello Everyone!


Another long week... our school had MAPs assessments this week. MAPs stands for measure of academic progress. I know it only takes about an hour (at the most) out of the day but it sure throws the schedule out of sync. I am so proud of my kiddos, many of them did a great job.

If MAPs assessment were enough, our district also had Parent Teacher conferences this week. We were able to meet with parents on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday after school until 7:00.  I was so happy to have 100% participation by the parents of my students!

Moms in Touch ROCK!!!  This group of mothers meets weekly to pray for our students, the school, and the teachers.  WOW!  In addition to the prayer support the Moms prepared a fantastic lunch for the staff on conference day. 
Thank you, Moms!

Going retro?  Here is a project my students worked on in between their weekly assessment.  I usually have the students read silently or finish work from the week but today I thought they needed a "brain break" and just enjoy coloring the project.  Where does the retro come in - a dear friend who worked in the classroom next door retired several years ago.  She always did this project and I'm sure she did it for a lot of years.  Other students who came into the room complimented  me on the very nice decorations that my class made.

Check out my new product on TpT, its a book study for Louis Sachar's book, Marvin Redpost Alone in His Teacher's House.  This is wonderful story!
Marvin Redpost Alone in His Teacher's House by Louis Sachar

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Five for Friday on Saturday

Where do the weeks go?  I'm amazed at all the work, reading, and learning activities that take place in a classroom.  I'm sure many of you are on the same page.  Here was our week...
    This week we had an Amazing Race PBIS event at our school!  As part of the planning team, we met several days after school, had all the details worked, everything was all set.  Friday comes and the forecast of scattered showers didn't stop the team.  My class is ready to start their part of the Amazing Race and and the clouds open up!!!  Still the team pulled together and within ten miinutes they set up a substitute race course in the gym. 
    First thing Monday morning a sweet student from last year stopped in to say hi and give me a hug!  Then within minutes another sweet student stopped to say, "I made this for you, Mrs. Brown!"  What a great way to start the week!

    I love having iPads in our classroom.  We are very fortunate to have 6 at our grade level and have the ability to borrow a few more if necessary.  This week my math students completed the STAR math assessment.  If your school doesn't have the Renaissance Learning system, check it out.  The reading and math assessment are great and the reports certainly help when setting interventions for your students.

     Hard working math students!  Our school uses Math Expressions Common Core, I love it!  The program incorporates math talk and the ability to explain answers.  I also really like to use the whiteboards for students to work out their answers.  This past week my math class did a some video recording while explaining answers.  We listened to the students explain the answer and then watched their video.  Most of the time the students did a great job explaining but there is always room for improvement.

   It is so fun to watch the students working during our reading workshop time.  I agree with Doodlebugs, October is when everything starts coming together.  One day students worked on testing each other with the chunk spelling words.  My kiddos are also doing a great job with switching up partners.  I remind them to not alwasy pick the same partner.

Happy weekend!