Sunday, October 27, 2013

Five for Friday - Spider-ific!!!

Hello Friends!  This was a spider-ific week!  Check out our busy classroom - -

     This week we ate spiders and webs.  Well, not really but the students certainly enjoyed creating their very own special spider web.  A special snack is always welcome, isn't it? 
     One sweet student told her mom about our spider-ific learning and asked if she could bring a spider treat for everyone!  Of course I said a big YES when the mom emailed me.  How wonderful to have this quiet little girl go around the room handing out her treats and interacting with everyone in the classroom!



     Spider-ific creations!  I was so thankful that Skylar's mom was able to help out in our classroom one day.  She patiently worked with all the students in class to create their yarn spiders and spider webs.  Everyone made sure their spiders had two body parts and eight legs coming out of the head.  Notice the orange yarn spider on the desk.  I love these no cost projects that tap into each student's creative side. 
     We also had a little time on Friday to create the construction paper spiders for our ceiling.  Students followed glyph directions to make their special creations.  Don't your just love the faces of these spider friends!

     Natural spiders - my students worked on a project at home - create a spider using only items found in nature.  How creative!!!  I loved looking at the wide variety of spiders.  We have sunflower spiders, pinecone spiders, potato spiders, corn cob spiders, pumpkin spiders, and more.


     Our spider-ific learning went hand in hand with our text and graphic feature study this week.  We read various non-fiction pieces and identified the text and graphic features.

     Babies! Wow, I just finished making two baby quilts in a week! The sewing doesn't leave a lot of time for other things, so I have no new freebies or products to share with you this week. Maybe you'd like to know who the little ones are that will be covering these snuggly quilts - my niece in Delaware had a baby boy and good friends in Wisconsin had a baby girl.

     My two dear friends and I are off for a volunteering weekend at Lake Lundgren Bible Camp.  This weekend we will be cooking for about 100 people.  Those of you that have followed my blog, know this is a great ministry that I really enjoy!  
     I know this is Sunday but my volunteer time took me away to a place without wifi before I could get this posted.  Now after my rest I was ready to get back to work.

Have a great weekend Halloween week!  Will your students be wound up like I expect my students will be?



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  1. Oh my gosh, that spider pumpkin is so creepy! Never thought of doing that one.