Friday, October 18, 2013

Five for Friday

Hey, hey is Friday!!! 
We started our Spider-ific Learning this week.  The first step, spend some time digging through the non-fiction books.  I love listening in on the conversations when my students are doing partner reading.  Of course the boys are really trying to get a bigger YUCK than the partners next to them.  Second, each student picked out 5 or six fantastic facts.  Finally, the non-fiction books will lead right into our reading skill focus next week - text and graphic features.

We even had a visitor.  This little fella was found in a student's doll house and she thought he would like to come to school for the day.  We used a hand lens to get up close and personal with him. 

Be sure to visit my litlle blog next week for the final spider-ific projects.

Scootin through math!  Thank you First Grade and Fabulous for two great Scoot activities that we used in class today.  My math students enjoyed the activity and followed directions beautifully!

 Still working on line basics.  Can you relate everyone who is working on PBIS?  We finished week 7 and still some students need to be reminded about their line basics.  Any suggestions so I don't have to keep repeating myself and they will just line up without reminders?

Check back later this weekend for a new Math Mountain board game. 

Rest and relax!  Tomorrow I'll be spending a little time outside checking out the many colors of fall in Wisconsin!  This is a very pretty time of year.  I hope you have time to enjoy the colors of fall in your area!

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  1. Oh Fun! I am planning to do a mini Spider unit during the week of Halloween! I just made my Spider Packet for my TpT store too! :) FUN!