Saturday, November 30, 2013

I'm Having a Sale...

Monday and Tuesday, December 2 and 3 will be a great sale day!!!

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Happy Shopping!

Friday, November 22, 2013

My Six For Friday

Ill get right to my five random things for the week...
1 Everyone enjoyed making their Tasty Tuesday snack - Turkey Tracks.  Does this student need spreading lessons?
2 Fact and Opinion with the Magic School Bus at the First Thanksgiving.  This was a great center for the week.  My students love playing board games.  This product can be found in my TpT store.

3 Math work with greater than, less than, equals, and not equal to.  Today I handed out number cards and instructed the students to find a person that would complete their number sentence.  They did GREAT!  Wonderful math discussions, very good partner talk, and one happy teacher!


4 SNOW - I'm not ready for the white stuff yet.  This was the sight out my window when I woke up.  Even this little "dust" is enough to send the kiddos into a tizzy.  The snow didn't last and many students came to school with boots and snowpants.  Ahhh, it's too early for snow!

5 Readers Theater - several students worked together to perform The Story of the First Thanksgiving.  To put a twist on the performance the students colored puppets and attached them to rulers.  When the performance was over the puppeteers stood and one boy from another group said, "There were only four!  I thought there were more back there."  The puppeteers took that as a major compliment, since that is what they were trying to do, make it seem like different people were talking.

6 A week of vacation!  Our school district is one of the few in our area that get the entire week off.  I have more plans than I have days of vacation but isn't it always that way.
Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tried It Tuesday
Tap Roulette - I tried this fun app with my students, it is a great way to pick a student or have students pick a partner.  Hop over to iTunes and grab this free app.
Short and sweet today!
Enjoy the rest of your week,


Friday, November 15, 2013

Five for Friday

     Where did November go?  Our school district has the entire week of Thanksgiving off.  This will be our first break of the school year.  That means that I only have one week to get all the November learning complete that Ive planned.  So again I say, where did November go?
Thank you Doodlebugs for your weekly linky party!
Lots of turkey stuff this week...
     This is a fun snack I like to do with my students.  I was so happy to have Mrs. H do this project with the kids.  I really appreciate Mrs. H, the volunteer who comes into my classroom each week.  She has been volunteering in my classroom for 8 years!
This little guy has his head upside down or is he looking up?
     These cuties are just for fun, uh oh do you sense a pattern happening? I feel that sometimes the students need to express themselves with a little classroom creativity. Everyone wanted to hang their turkey close to their desk, how cute!  It is wonderful to see the wide variety of "turkey" personalities come out.



     Read to a Partner - students partner read a Thanksgiving book and then completed this throw back graphic organizer.  Students focused their discussion around characters, plot, and setting.  The partners also explained their favorite part of the book and told why they liked a certain part.

     Today our school had a special treat, our principal spent 10-15 minutes in each class reading! My 2nd grade class enjoyed listening to a Splat the Cat book.

     Finally, today our Friday Fun consisted of a variety of activities.  One student brought in a matching game, others had a little free time with an iPod or iPad, and others enjoyed a holiday bingo.  There was a little more noise but to see all the students (who completed their work) engaged in an activity put a smile on my face. 
Happy weekend!


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tried It Tuesday

Thanks, Holly for hosting Tried It Tuesday
     As my 2nd graders get more comfortable in the classroom and with each the talking level goes up.  Anyone else noticing that it is time for a classroom tune-up?  
     My kiddos know the rules but still have a hard time with volume control.  Up to now I've used my nice voice and even made a joke or two about their volume.  I was reading Jaime's post about Silent Light.  She is at Technology Up To Speed The lightbulb went off in my head - I sure could use that app. 
       Silent Light monitors the classroom noise level.  I've used the app for two days and my kiddos have been great!  As a class I ask the students how many points they think they can earn in a given period of time, I set the levels, and away we go.  For two days I have not had to remind my 2nd graders that their volume to too loud.  This really frees me up for my GR groups.  If my students meet the goal they set, I add 1 brownie to our brownie behavior pan.  I know that I am giving them more brownies than I usually do but it is totally worth it.  Like all good things I know this will come to an end and I'll have to find something else but until then I'm lovin' it!
     I usually don't buy apps but this one is worth the $3.99.  This app also has a variety of noise level tolerance to choose from, as well as, a numerous time limits.
Happy Tuesday!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Five for Friday

Happy Friday!
We built main idea and detail burgers.  Don't you love how the kiddos really get into a project.  We had some burgers filled with 7 different items!

Thank you Mel D - Seusstastic!!!  My students really enjoyed this activity.  Like you I loved listening to all the discussion about their family members that have served in our military.  Thank you, Veterans for your service to our great country!

The Hallo-Wiener by Dav Pilkey!  This is one of my very favorite readers theaters.  I know we performed three days after Halloween but the students loved it and our Kindergarten audience loves watching the "big" kids.

Friday Fun!!!  This group of students were able to play holiday bingo because they had all their work from the week finished.  Fifteen minutes of fun and Jolly Rancher prizes = a great morning at school. 

How sweet!  Many of the girls in my classroom are into making duct tape items.  I received this cute little purse.  What a great way to brighten a teacher's day!

Last weekend was another volunteer weekend.  Here is one of the meals we made.  Homemade pizza for 100 guests!  Yum, it is a favorite of many guests at the camp.

Have a super weekend!


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tried It Tuesday

Thanks Holly!  This is my first time linking up with Tried It Tuesday. 
I saw this idea on Pinterest, so if it is your idea please drop me an email so I can give you credit.
Magic Reading Stones (that's what we called it) - students use these clear glass stones to follow along as they read.  The magic comes when they put the stones on top of the words, the words get bigger!  The stones also helped the students read faster.  Which will certainly lead to increased fluency.

Heat Sense app - this app was a big hit to practice spelling words.  Students write their spelling words, then the words magically disappear.  The app settings allow background and line color changes.  You can change the rate at which the lines disappear.
Have a great Wednesday!