Friday, November 15, 2013

Five for Friday

     Where did November go?  Our school district has the entire week of Thanksgiving off.  This will be our first break of the school year.  That means that I only have one week to get all the November learning complete that Ive planned.  So again I say, where did November go?
Thank you Doodlebugs for your weekly linky party!
Lots of turkey stuff this week...
     This is a fun snack I like to do with my students.  I was so happy to have Mrs. H do this project with the kids.  I really appreciate Mrs. H, the volunteer who comes into my classroom each week.  She has been volunteering in my classroom for 8 years!
This little guy has his head upside down or is he looking up?
     These cuties are just for fun, uh oh do you sense a pattern happening? I feel that sometimes the students need to express themselves with a little classroom creativity. Everyone wanted to hang their turkey close to their desk, how cute!  It is wonderful to see the wide variety of "turkey" personalities come out.



     Read to a Partner - students partner read a Thanksgiving book and then completed this throw back graphic organizer.  Students focused their discussion around characters, plot, and setting.  The partners also explained their favorite part of the book and told why they liked a certain part.

     Today our school had a special treat, our principal spent 10-15 minutes in each class reading! My 2nd grade class enjoyed listening to a Splat the Cat book.

     Finally, today our Friday Fun consisted of a variety of activities.  One student brought in a matching game, others had a little free time with an iPod or iPad, and others enjoyed a holiday bingo.  There was a little more noise but to see all the students (who completed their work) engaged in an activity put a smile on my face. 
Happy weekend!


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  1. I found you through the Five for Friday linky! Those turkey crafts are super cute! I would definitely want to hang it near my desk too, if I'd made one. I agree with you, sometimes the kids do just need an opportunity to be creative and let loose a bit. Have a great weekend!

    Primarily Speaking