Friday, November 22, 2013

My Six For Friday

Ill get right to my five random things for the week...
1 Everyone enjoyed making their Tasty Tuesday snack - Turkey Tracks.  Does this student need spreading lessons?
2 Fact and Opinion with the Magic School Bus at the First Thanksgiving.  This was a great center for the week.  My students love playing board games.  This product can be found in my TpT store.

3 Math work with greater than, less than, equals, and not equal to.  Today I handed out number cards and instructed the students to find a person that would complete their number sentence.  They did GREAT!  Wonderful math discussions, very good partner talk, and one happy teacher!


4 SNOW - I'm not ready for the white stuff yet.  This was the sight out my window when I woke up.  Even this little "dust" is enough to send the kiddos into a tizzy.  The snow didn't last and many students came to school with boots and snowpants.  Ahhh, it's too early for snow!

5 Readers Theater - several students worked together to perform The Story of the First Thanksgiving.  To put a twist on the performance the students colored puppets and attached them to rulers.  When the performance was over the puppeteers stood and one boy from another group said, "There were only four!  I thought there were more back there."  The puppeteers took that as a major compliment, since that is what they were trying to do, make it seem like different people were talking.

6 A week of vacation!  Our school district is one of the few in our area that get the entire week off.  I have more plans than I have days of vacation but isn't it always that way.
Have a wonderful week!


  1. Enjoy your whole week off. We get it too... it's been that way the last few years and I can't even remember how I ever worked up until the day before Thanksgiving! I like your Turkey Tracks snack! Do you make a snack every Tuesday?

    Crayons and Whimsy

  2. Thanks for visiting! We do a snack once a month. When time allows we may have two snacks in one month. Our snacks are always connected to the season/activity/month. Enjoy your time off also!!!