Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy Friday

Happy Friday!  My Christmas vacation is half over – where does the time go?  Some of my time has gone into just relaxing, reading, sewing, crocheting, and a new product for my TpT store.  Wouldnt it be great to be paid for staying home in pjs, sipping coffee, and not having deadlines to meet?

Since Ive neglected this little blog for the entire month of December here is my whole month in one post.  Sit back, grab a warm beverage, and enjoy... 
We started the month by making our parent gifts.  I love doing this craft with the students!  It is almost a total recycle project - kids bring the clean peanut butter jars. I started asking for the jars in October and still several students said they never got a note! It was in my newsletter a bunch of times.  I had many sweet parents who sent in extra just in case someone forgot their jar.  Bless them!  I now have extra for next year.  The tissue paper came from my students last year - I ask the parents to save the tissue paper from their Christmas gifts and donate it to my classroom.  Last year I had way more than I would use up in a year of projects so I didn't ask the parents for tissue paper this year.  I also use the paper for wrapping the gifts/projects that get sent home during the year.
So far the cost is $0!  I buy one piece of black felt and one piece of orange fun foam, this will last for two school years with this project.  I also bought my fleece last year and probably have enough for next year as well.  Finally, I buy a battery flameless candle for each student to put in the snowman.  The snowman looks sooo cute with the glow of a candle inside. 

Rudolph snacks for Tasty Tuesday was next.  This snack fits right in with our caribou non-fiction unit.  At the beginning of the year parents sign up to bring our ingredients, less stress for me.

We worked with money and lots of two-digit addition.  As part of my daily math routine students are given a dollar amount and they shop the local grocery store ads.  The goal is to come as close to the dollar amount without going over as possible.  This is a great task for money, calculator use, and real life skills.

Our class also did a lot of partner reading.  I loved listening to my students read, share, and giggle over the many Christmas books. 

Our school uses the AR system (Accelerated Reader).  AR is a fantastic way to monitor students' comprehension.  Students log in to their account and take a comprehension test on the book they just read.  They get immediate feedback on their test. 

Don't you just love the notes and cards the students make for you?  Due to very cold temperatures in December, students weren't able to go outside for recess for an entire week!  During this time my kiddos drew lots of pictures, made cards and wrote me notes.  One students gave me this card... I hope I'm not too much of a pest. 

I trust everyone had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year!

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