Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tried It Tuesday


     My tried it is thinking ahead, way ahead.  I'm getting ready for Christmas 2014! Who doesnt love a great sale, especially 50-75% off?  I visited my favorite dollar store and found all these great gifts for my students next year.  I purchased enough for my class and a few extra items in case my class size would grow.  

     When I brought the items home I packed everything in a gift bag, now it is all ready to go for Christmas 2014!  I thought the gift bag would be a good idea because the Christmas bag will remind me what's in the bag. I also added a note with all the items I bought.  Now if you are like me - will I remember that I bought those gifts?!?!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Student Accountability

As a teacher it is my job to make sure my students master the concepts and topics I cover in class.  During our discussions I can progress monitor the entire class by asking questions or having students complete quick tasks.   What about when they are working independently during center work? 

There are several choices - I can have students complete a recording sheet but then I have to check them.  I can have students just do the task and not hand in anything.  Or here comes the magicstudents have a buddy take a picture of them with the completed task!

The picture taking took some direction/guidance from me.  I introduced the idea to my 2nd graders and explained the reason for doing it first.  Then I showed the students good picture expectations: see the persons face and read the answers.  Next reminders about iPad use.  Finally, reminders about work time etiquette: work quietly, work quickly, no visiting while taking the pictures.

This process is a time saver for me.  I can quickly flip through the pictures, check off who finished the task, and note the students who need more work on a given task.  An added bonus, I have pictures to use for various class and school videos and also for my teacher effectiveness plan. 

Here are two students working together to get the "just right shot"!  How cute! 

Try this and I'm sure you will like the outcome.