Sunday, March 23, 2014

Busy Classroom!

*     Blogging in our jammies!  To celebrate spring (although it doesn't feel like spring) our school had pj day.  Today was a blogging day for my second graders.  As part of an enrichment time for some of my students, the students blogged about an assignment.  
          We are using Kidblog.  It is very safe and easy to use.  My students were up and running with their posts in no time.  It was so cool to here their excitement and enthusiasm about our new project.   I love when they go home and tell/show parents what we are doing in our classroom.  One parent commented (with a big smile), "You've created a monster!"  She then went on to tell how her daughter just had to blog and everything needed to be just right.

*  Poke cards - my students love these!  I created this new set for the book Owl at Home.  I love the immediate feedback the students get when they use these cards.

*  A visit from Grandma Sue - Grandma Sue wanted to spend the day in her granddaughters classroom.  Grandma Sue just sit and watch, she did!  She read our story from reading textbook, she helped with our Tasty Tuesday recipe, Leprechaun Pie and most of all she gave me lots of compliments!

*  Working together - In an effort to make less copies for my students, I've had pairs work together.  Here two students work together to figure out synonyms.  So far the students are doing great.  To ensure accountability I have the partners hold up their completed work while someone takes a picture on the iPad.  I am able to check their work and delete the pictures if I choose.

Have a great week!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Six for Saturday

Thanks Doodle Bugs for your linky party!

Even though winter just hangs on here in Wisconsin, I thought some rainbow painting was needed.  It is so fun to watch the faces of the kiddos when teacher brings our supplies we don't normally use.  The rainbow paintings will be the background for a writing project on Monday.

Check out this fun book I purchased through our school office.  If you raised your children on Little Golden Books you'll enjoy this book.

What a nice way to start a Friday!  Two gifts from students - a delicious apple muffin from one student and a very in-style bracelet from another student.

Dr. Seuss activities all week long!  Monday started with green eggs and ham.  Here we are sporting our cat in the hat hats.

We also had a literacy night this week.  Families visited the classrooms, stopped in the gym for 10 stations of Dr. Seuss activities (all put together by our fantastic PE teacher), and a movie and cupcakes and ice cream in the cafeteria.
Our class performed a readers theater about Lincoln pennies.  

Finally, I have a new item in my TpT store, Owl At Home poke cards.  This guided reading group enjoys the frog and toad and now owl books.  They thought the poke cards were great.

Have a great weekend!