Sunday, July 27, 2014

Monday Made It


     Thank you, Tara for this always great linky party!!! 

     Although I add lots to my to do list each week and it is getting harder to get a to done list.  All in all, I have to say thank you to ALL the very CREATIVE teachers out there for the tons of wonderful ideas.

     Im not in panic mode yet as our school doesnt start until August 26 (teacher work days).  I know that the remainder of my summer will go by so quickly and like all of you I want my summer to last and last!

     I didnt accomplish too many projects but, here is what I did get done 

     I made these table numbers and table tote numbers.  I used scrap book paper for the backgrounds and had a little paper leftover to make the cute tote numbers for each table.  Thanks to all the wonderful bloggers who have talked about pencils, supplies, and organization!  I am hopeful that using the table totes will cut down on, "I can't find my ___", "I don't have a ____".  Haven't we all heard those statements again and again?

     This is a sample of one project the teachers who attend our Triton Academy session in August will be making.  Linda and I share many recycled/repurposed projects with our participants.  The bean bottle is one example of the projects we share.  Linda and I provide all the materials for the make and take sessions.

     Here is a freebie I'll be using for our second grade math notebooks. Click the image get your copy.

 Doubles Facts

     My volunteer time at the Bible camp was wonderful!!!  These two pictures are the only ones I took,  some of the 225 campers - 6th, 7th, and 8th graders - boy can they eat!  The real fun part is seeing several students that I had when they were in second grade.  I love it that they see me in a very different setting (usually with a red, hot face and donning an apron).  I am also very happy to proclaim my faith in Jesus Christ by volunteering at camp.  I consider this my short term mission project for the summer!

     Pizza dough for 30 half sheet pan pizzas!  The last day of camp is always special because it's pizza day!  what is better than homemade pizza.

     Thanks so much my CREATIVE blogging friends!!!  Enjoy your summer vacation!

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