Saturday, September 27, 2014

Where does the time go?

If you are a teacher you know exactly where the time goes…committee meetings after school, one more trip to the copier (no matter how organized you are), collaborating with colleagues (well ok talking about your weekend or other important stuff).  You get the picture time truly just flies by!

However, I am happy to say that I’m doing my room reveal before the start of the second quarter!  (Thanks for the pat on the back!)

Here goes…

This is what my classroom looked like after it was used for summer school.  The teacher who used it pushed everything out of her way and contained all of her materials to half of the room. 
 The top picture shows my classroom library after an entire day of work!  How can sorting books, labeling bins, and organizing take all day?!?

The library is finally all finished!  I was so happy when I visited my favorite Dollar Tree and they had the same bins as last year!!!  Now I'm the proud owner of 40+ Dollar Tree bins!  (Wouldn't you love to have a store feature your classroom complete with their products?)
This year my students will be using an interactive word wall.  Below you can see the start of the word wall.  Check back for my post about our classroom word wall.

The top photo is our gathering space.  The walls are blank and ready to be filled up with anchor charts, samples of work, and more.  With only 14 students this year I have three desk groups and lots of extra area in the classroom.

Here are a few close ups of various areas in our classroom.  The star bulletin board is designed to showcase student papers.  I have the students put up their own papers that they would like to 'brag' about.  Well, maybe not really brag but show off, is that any better?

Thanks so much for visiting my classroom!  Let me know if you have any questions about any areas in my classroom.


  1. Looks great. I noticed there are cubby type things above the bulletin board with bins in them. What was the original purpose of putting cubbies there? It seems like an odd place to me. I haven't seen that anywhere before.

  2. The cubbies above the board were just added this year. They house my materials/books. As the seasons change and students' levels change I switch out the bins and move the unused books to the higher shelves. Co-workers that have come in really like the look of the shelves and think the new cubbies frame the word wall area. Thanks for asking!