Friday, November 28, 2014

It’s Sale Time!

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Happy Shopping!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Caribou Freebie

     Here is a freebie just for you!   When I go back to school after Thanksgiving vacation our class will be working on a caribou non-fiction study.  To keep our second grade skills fresh in the mind of the kiddos I created a few worksheets with a caribou theme.  Verbs, common nouns, and compound words are three areas that we have covered in class.  The students will be making connections with their non-fiction caribou study and these skills.

Grab your freebie here.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Five for Friday

Happy Friday! and for our district happy vacation!  We get the entire week of Thanksgiving off!!!  Oh, to sleep in...

Okay back to the present.  

1 - Thank you Kacey for hosting the Five for Friday each week!  I appreciate all the wonderful ideas I get.

2 - Fact and Opinion - the kiddos worked hard on identifying facts and opinions this week.  The students used two crayons to mark up their paper as they searched out facts and opinions.

3 - Tasty Tuesday - the students made turkey tracks snacks this week.  It is interesting to notice the students fine motor skills.  Some need a lot of direction and others are very competent.

4 - Contractions were also on our schedule this week.  Like your students our class loves a good Scoot time. 

5 - Finally, I attended a reading conference this week with some sweet teacher friends.  The presenter reminded us to get our students up and moving throughout the day.  She said that students need to move every 12 1/2 minutes.  As part of my lessons I incorporated movement.  I place several posters around the classroom and let the students go with adding contractions to the correct posters.  Very cool results, within five minutes the students were able to correctly list about 20 different 
Don't you love it when you take away something from a conference that is very ready to use?

Friday, November 14, 2014

Five for Friday


Where do the weeks go?  I can hardly believe that November is half over already!

          Here goes my Five for Friday…

1 – Our class earned an outdoor activity as a PBIS reward.  To make a learning activity whole class suitable I created (well I had help, thanks Courtnee and Linda!) large scrabble type squares.  Students selected cards that read noun, verb, or adjective.  As a team they figured out a word that fit the category.  Students used the giant letter tiles to fit their word into the puzzle.   It is quite a challenge to get the students to come up with more than three or four letter words, next time.

2 – Baking Time – one day we made pumpkin muffins ‘just because’!  Pre-measuring the ingredients at home makes for smooth bowl to oven ready muffins.  I couldn’t do a project like this without the help of my fantastic, loyal classroom volunteer – Judy!  She was able to pop these in the oven and a short time later she returned with the muffins and all my copies for next week!   We worked in a dividing lesson to figure out how many muffins each student would get to enjoy with their milk.

3 – Intervention Time – each week I keep track of the students that may need a little extra practice with a specific skill from the week.  Here students are working on verbs in the present and which verb needs an –s at the end.  I quickly wrote down sentences and the students used the magnetic letters to fill in the blanks.  This is so much more fun than using pencil and paper!

4 – Chrome Book Introduction – My 2nd grade teaching neighbor’s class taught my students how to log on to chrome books and get ready to take a STAR reading test.  Way easier than me giving the directions and having hundreds of, “Mrs. Brown…” shouted out.  In fact, I think my students listened to the other students much better.

5 – Another tasty treat this week!  No, we don’t make something every day, although the students would love it if we did.  This is just a fun snack to make – chocolate donut hole, fudge stripe cookie, and a piece of candy corn all held together with glue (aka chocolate frosting).  Not a healthy snack but fun to make and eat!


I hope you had a great week!  Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek at room 2D.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Main Idea and Details Freebie

Today we worked on main idea and details with this flippy flap.  During small group time students used a variety of colored post-it notes to record the main ideas and details of an assigned selection.  It is fun to watch the students as they choose the ‘just right’ color of post-it.  Whatever makes the learning fun!
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