Friday, November 14, 2014

Five for Friday


Where do the weeks go?  I can hardly believe that November is half over already!

          Here goes my Five for Friday…

1 – Our class earned an outdoor activity as a PBIS reward.  To make a learning activity whole class suitable I created (well I had help, thanks Courtnee and Linda!) large scrabble type squares.  Students selected cards that read noun, verb, or adjective.  As a team they figured out a word that fit the category.  Students used the giant letter tiles to fit their word into the puzzle.   It is quite a challenge to get the students to come up with more than three or four letter words, next time.

2 – Baking Time – one day we made pumpkin muffins ‘just because’!  Pre-measuring the ingredients at home makes for smooth bowl to oven ready muffins.  I couldn’t do a project like this without the help of my fantastic, loyal classroom volunteer – Judy!  She was able to pop these in the oven and a short time later she returned with the muffins and all my copies for next week!   We worked in a dividing lesson to figure out how many muffins each student would get to enjoy with their milk.

3 – Intervention Time – each week I keep track of the students that may need a little extra practice with a specific skill from the week.  Here students are working on verbs in the present and which verb needs an –s at the end.  I quickly wrote down sentences and the students used the magnetic letters to fill in the blanks.  This is so much more fun than using pencil and paper!

4 – Chrome Book Introduction – My 2nd grade teaching neighbor’s class taught my students how to log on to chrome books and get ready to take a STAR reading test.  Way easier than me giving the directions and having hundreds of, “Mrs. Brown…” shouted out.  In fact, I think my students listened to the other students much better.

5 – Another tasty treat this week!  No, we don’t make something every day, although the students would love it if we did.  This is just a fun snack to make – chocolate donut hole, fudge stripe cookie, and a piece of candy corn all held together with glue (aka chocolate frosting).  Not a healthy snack but fun to make and eat!


I hope you had a great week!  Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek at room 2D.

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