Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

Happy Thursday, Friends! and
Happy New Year! (a few hours early)

If you are like me I haven't really thought about my classroom very much during Christmas vacation.  I think this is a good thing.  Everyone needs to take a step back and relax once in awhile.

Today I want to share a link with you to a great site I found for science and craft activities.  During some Pinterest searching I discovered Ray Pajar at  He has wonderful YouTube demonstrations for all of his activities. 

I made the jellyfish in a water bottle to go along with our reading unit for next week (I guess I did think about my classroom a little:o).  The project just took a few minutes to make.  The longest part was cutting the tentacles on the jellyfish.

Super easy to follow Ray's instructions and he uses materials that are easily found around the house or can be picked up at the store.

I did some dollar store shopping after Christmas.  I was a little disappointed with my finds but I was able to get a great start on my student gifts for next year!  I found 8" stuffed bears for 50 cents each, Christmas themed pencils with fancy erasers for 25 cents each, and fancy pens for 50 cents each.
Maybe I'll check back again to see if they have something for 75% off!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thrifty Thursday -Teacher Style

I'm so sorry friends!  I usually have my post up super early on Thursday morning but I guess the Christmas season has gotten the best of me.

Actually, I shared a freebie with everyone on my Sunday Scoop post.  

I call the activity I Have, Where Is.  This activity is my version of the popular I Have, Who Has.  
To play - all the cards are spread on the floor.  One player reads the first card.  Both players quickly complete the math problem or answer the question.  They search for the answer on the card and try to be the first player to get the card.  Play continues until all the cards have been used.  The winner is the person with the most cards.
When my students play the addition or subtraction math version, I give the partners a calculator so they can check the answer.  This step keeps them honest, cuts down on fights, and provides calculator practice.

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Who doesn't love a freebie!

Until next time,

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday Scoop

Happy Sunday, Friends!

Rainy Sunday but I'm enjoying the Packer football game from the comfort of my home!
Go Pack Go!

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Five for Friday

Happy Friday!  Thank you, Doodlebugs!

This week we started with some December Holiday learning.  Here is our anchor chart.

I just love it when my students are totally engaged and wanting more!  Many of them didn't know anything about Hanukkah or Kwanzaa but after a time of research some of them think they are experts!
Here is an easy craft we made following our  Hanukkah discussion.  I think the menorahs turned out so pretty.  The projects are hanging outside our classroom and have gotten many people to stop and take a second look!  As usual, a quick Pinterest search turned up this project.  I cut strips of scrap book paper for the candles.  The students had to design their own base.  Pretty quick project.  We added glitter which created lovely flames on the candles.

Since we were discussing reindeer, both fiction and non-fiction we did a little extra PE time outside.  As you'll notice in the picture this is very un-Wisconsin-like weather.  Most years we have several inches of snow on the ground by now.  Enough about the weather.  During our extra PE time we used items from nature to create these cute reindeer.  I gathered the items at home and school, placed them in tubs at the far end of our relay area and we were ready.  One student at a time ran to get one item and bring it back to their team.  Each reindeer was made with 8 items.  That was alot of huffing and puffing as the kiddos ran back and forth.
When some students were debating who won, a classmate spoke up, "We're all winners!  We got to play and get healthy!"  Yes, thank you little one!

Tasty Treat Tuesday - the kids always get so excited to make a new recipe.  Who knew that chocolate donuts and pretzels could make such a cute snack.

Our grade level incorporates science and social studies into our literacy block.  Three times a week I have time in my schedule to focus more on these subjects.  My class has been focusing on Then and Now.  We studied Pilgrims and now are discussing Pioneers.  Students cooperated with each other to complete several activities - then, now, both; fact or opinion; and animal tracks.  Check out my TpT store for my pioneer unit activities. 

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

Is it possible that Christmas is only two weeks away!!!  If you need a quick worksheet or activity to keep your kiddos busy - here is a freebie for you.

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I only ask that you leave a comment (hopefully positive) below.  Secondly, if you share the product (which is fine with me) please have them go this post to download their own copy and encourage them to leave a comment also. Oh, by the way you never know how long this product will be available for free so you better grab your copy today!

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Five for Friday

Thanks, Doodlebugs for hosting Five for Friday!
This week it was all things caribou!
We completed this super cute directed reindeer drawing.  I don't know who put the original post on pinterest, if it is you send me a link.
For the pretty background, I die cut snowflakes, peeled papers off crayons, and gave the kids a quick lesson on how to make rubbings on their papers.
I love how the reindeer look like they are in a snow storm!

Super simple supplies - white paper and crayons!

We made yummy caribou snacks.  Thank you pinterest search!

One math activity from the week...

greater than and less than dice roll.  The students liked using the large dice and cute greater than guy.

Our writing focus this week was writing to inform.  Of course, the topic was caribou.
Our anchor chart was very helpful to the students.  However, when they are researching facts they are not allowed to just copy everything off the chart.
(Insert sad face, I forgot to take a picture of our anchor chart.  Maybe I'll snap one next week.)
To help with our research, my daughter and TpT partner wrote a caribou book. 

Finally, we made catapults to launch snowballs (mini marshmallows and pom poms) for our science activity.  How fun!  The kids got a charge out of this activity.
Wow!  There was so much wonderful discussion and partnership during this activity.

It's the weekend!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

Happy Thursday!

December brings many fun activities for classrooms!  This week my students have been working on non-fiction learning about caribou.  Next week we will focus on fiction reindeer.  This brings me to a math freebie I created for next week.
Everyone loves a freebie and freebies certainly are thrifty!!!

Grab your freebie here.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday Scoop

Thanks Teaching Trio for your Sunday Scoop!

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Have a great week!  Stop by on 
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Friday, November 27, 2015

Five For Friday

Where do the weeks go?  Can it possibly be Friday again?!
Thanks, Doodlebugs for hosting Five for Friday!

Fun reading activities!  Students played a Mayflower board game using fall/Thanksgiving words.  Learning Palette is always a favorite activity with my students.  I love the Learning Palette - it has a wonderful self-checking feature.

This week our Thanksgiving science activity was a Mayflower Ship Building Engineering activity.  The original activity used modeling clay and I didn't want to purchase any extra materials so we used foil to make our Mayflower ships.  I modified Andrea Knight's activity just a little.  Thank you, Andrea for your creativness!

 I love our classroom Thanksgiving time treats.  Here is another treat of the month.  

We made pumpkin muffins.  During our mixing/
preparing session we made lots of science connections - five senses, chemical reactions, and liquids and solids.
Like many of you our school has a week long vacation for Thanksgiving!  Time to sit back and enjoy a slower pace to the day.

I added a new product to my TpT store.  Magic Tree House book #1 Dinosaurs Before Dark.  Stop by my store to grab your copy of this literature unit.  The unit is in a half page format.  The unit contains lots of spiral review options for the student.  For example, long vowels, hard and soft c & g, r-blends, syllables, -ing words, and more.

Happy weekend!