Sunday, January 18, 2015

Five For Friday

Thanks for hosting the linky, Doodle Bugs!

1 – Classroom Buddy Time – Our 2nd grade class teamed up with 5th grade buddies to create Valentine cards that will delivered with the county Meals on Wheels program.  
2 – Letter Writing – Last week our little corner of the world had some pretty frigid temperatures.  Who better to write a persuasive letter to than Cold Winter!  The majority of the class wanted to persuade Cold Winter to go away but there are a few winter fans that would like it to stay much longer!
     To create our multi-colored mittens, the students used 'bleeding' tissue paper squares and water.  Everyone chilled out while making their mittens, it was time to quietly visit with friends and create.

3 – Making Inferences – The mentor text Big Bushy Mustache provided a great opportunity for our class make to inferences throughout the story.  How fun for the students to write their inferences on paper mustaches!

4 – Measurement and Shape Unit – Our math time this week focused on measurement activities.  We used Amy Lemon's Shapin' Up unit and will continue with the unit for couple more days.

5 -  Go Pack Go!!!  

Have a great week!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Taking a Vacation 

      It's hard to believe that Christmas vacation was two weeks ago!  Like many of my teaching friends, my plate if FULL!  So many things to accomplish and so little time.  It was because of this that I took a step away from 'teaching things' and decided to try my hand at making a jelly roll quilt.

      After a little a lot of Pinterest time and You Tube video watching I was ready to start stitching.  Those of you that throw yourself into a project, know what I mean about the feeling of having to do one more little part.  Well, the one more little part led to more little parts or in this case more strips and before I knew it I had the quilt top complete!

     Now that I have one jelly roll quilt under my belt, I'd like my next quilt to be black and white with a splash of a bright color.  I can only wait for my next vacation or least a long weekend with nothing to do (does that ever happen?)

     You may be wondering what I did with the quilt - my daughter in Minnesota is now the proud (I hope she's proud) owner of my first jelly roll quilt.  Enjoy, Amy!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Stink and the Ultimate Thumb-Wrestling Smackdown

      I just finished my latest Stink book designed for my guided reading groups.  I know this will be a favorite book, as all the Stink books are in my classroom!  I enjoy the books as much as my students do - in fact I find that many students not involved in the guided reading group listen in to our discussions.

     Stop by my TpT store to get your copy of the unit.

Have a great day!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Everything Gingerbread!

     What a fun time our class had with everything gingerbread!!!  Erin Lane created a fantastic 8 day Gingerbread Unit.  This unit has everything - spelling list, grammar connections, and writing.  I did add some of my materials to the unit - spelling worksheets and my own writing plan for a gingerbread tale.  Get your freebie here.
     Here a three spelling worksheets to go along with Erin's spelling list.  These are my students favorite type of sheets to complete.  I think the word shape is their very favorite!  Get your spelling freebies here and here.

     As an added bonus  many of the pages in Erin's unit are great for interactive notebooks.  I love the fact that my students are able to go back to their notebooks and retrace their learning.

     Here are gingerbread men the students created.  Thank you Dollar Tree for frequently having the just right item I need for my class.  The gingerbread house pattern is included in Erin's unit.

     My students had a great time writing their very own gingerbread tale.  As a result of the students hard work, they each published their own gingerbread book.  Our class has gingerbread snowmen, gingerbread hamster, gingerbread shark, and many more.  So creative!  My students were able to read their books to Kindergarten classes - thank you Mrs. S, Mrs. K, and Miss H for having us visit your classrooms.  

     Not all the students finished their books in time (insert my sad face) to be part of our picture. However, all students did finish their books and completed the assignment.  It is part of growing up that we won't always wait for some students to finish their assignments.  Sometimes they just need to learn the hard way.

Happy New Year!