Sunday, January 18, 2015

Five For Friday

Thanks for hosting the linky, Doodle Bugs!

1 – Classroom Buddy Time – Our 2nd grade class teamed up with 5th grade buddies to create Valentine cards that will delivered with the county Meals on Wheels program.  
2 – Letter Writing – Last week our little corner of the world had some pretty frigid temperatures.  Who better to write a persuasive letter to than Cold Winter!  The majority of the class wanted to persuade Cold Winter to go away but there are a few winter fans that would like it to stay much longer!
     To create our multi-colored mittens, the students used 'bleeding' tissue paper squares and water.  Everyone chilled out while making their mittens, it was time to quietly visit with friends and create.

3 – Making Inferences – The mentor text Big Bushy Mustache provided a great opportunity for our class make to inferences throughout the story.  How fun for the students to write their inferences on paper mustaches!

4 – Measurement and Shape Unit – Our math time this week focused on measurement activities.  We used Amy Lemon's Shapin' Up unit and will continue with the unit for couple more days.

5 -  Go Pack Go!!!  

Have a great week!

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