Friday, February 6, 2015

Five for Friday

How can the days get away from a person?  I can’t believe it has been three weeks since I’ve shared what’s happening in my little corner of the second grade world.

Thanks Doodle Bugs for this always fun to read and join linky!

1 - My number one has nothing to do with teaching or second grade.  Well maybe it has a little to do with my sanity.  After a day in a BUSY classroom it is always wonderful to relax with a crochet project.  I love the colors in this afghan!  As soon as I finished this afghan I started on my next project, you'll have to come back again to see what it is.

2 - Our measurement and shape unit has concluded.  I was so proud of the math students when they took the unit assessment, everyone did a great job.

     Students practice math facts everyday.  The Math Race iPad app is super!  Students go head to head answering facts.  Speed is the key to winning!

3 - Buddy reading is always an enjoyable activity in our classroom. Sometimes the children just need to sit back, relax, and giggle over a book with a friend.  Our school has AR so the kids appreciate the chance work with a partner to complete a test.

4 - We were able to fit in some Valentine's Day writing.  The students started with a love monster and wrote about who or what they love and why they love that person, pet, or thing.  We used this site to create our wonderful looking hearts.  
     Early in the week each student made the three heart ceiling decoration. I found that being super organized with project materials really makes the project run smoothly.  Labeling the baskets helps to cut down on questions and confusion.  This organization allows me the freedom to circulate around the room helping students.

5 - Intervention time - the students in our school all have the opportunity to work on a reading intervention program.  The program offers follow up lessons and worksheets.  To work on the follow up lessons, I put the worksheets in my Notability iPad app.  The students complete the skill review with me and then complete the worksheet on the iPad.  I work one-to-one with the students who need additional help.  They enjoy using a variety of colors on their iPad worksheet.  When a student finishes I just erase the sheet and it's ready for another student who may need the same skill.  This entire quick one-to-one time takes just a few minutes.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Hi Judy! I love your afghan! I used to crochet, too. Have a wonderful weekend!