Saturday, March 28, 2015

Freebie For You!!!

     Enjoy this freebie created just for you! The packet is printer friendly.  I like to print packets like this on neon bright cardstock and laminate.  
     QR codes are a fantastic way for students to check their own answers. However, I've noticed that some students take the easy way and just change their answers to match what they see on the QR code reader.  As teachers we always have to stay one step ahead of our little learners. While the students are working on this type of activity I am always circulating around my classroom and asking students to explain how they got their answer.

Visit my TpT store to get your copy. 

     Stop back April 1st and take a look at the new Earth Day Story Problem packet that will available in my TpT store.  The Earth Day packet will include addition and subtraction with larger numbers and QR code answers, as well as, an answer key.

Two posts in one week!  Whaaat!  Enjoy. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Five for Friday

…is always a fun linky party!  Thanks for hosting, Doodle Bugs.

Busy, busy, busy and each day just seems to fly by.  Today began our 4th quarter of school!  So much to accomplish before summer vacation.

1 - Our school celebrated Read Across America by decorating our classroom doors.  My class chose Magic Tree House series as our focus.  As part of our decorating, each student created a scene from a favorite MTH book.

2 - Classroom buddy time - Buddy time is a collaborative time between two different grade levels.  When one teacher has the students, the other teacher has an opportunity to complete curriculum work.  Second graders are paired with 5th graders.  When it was my turn to host the 5th grades I planned a STEM activity that included building with note cards and straws.  Student pairs were shown a picture of a famous structure (the Washington Monument, Gateway Arch, etc.)  Students then had about 10 minutes to build a free standing replica.  Everyone had a fun time planning, building and rebuilding (sometimes).

3 - Check out my TpT store for my new product - Magic Tree House Stallion by Starlight.  The product is in the half page format, it includes comprehension questions, word work, and a couple QR codes.

4 - Three day weekend!!! Can you believe it, a school in northeastern Wisconsin didn't have any snow days this year?  Now we have a three day weekend.

5 - I was so excited when I saw my store logo on the TpT home page!  It is the little things in life that give us a lift.

Have a fantastic weekend!