Saturday, April 18, 2015

Latest Magic Tree House Product

     Just a quick post to let you know about my latest MTH product. Hurry Up Houdini is book #50 in the series.  Stop by my TpT store for your copy.
     This year my students are devouring the Magic Tree House books!  I really enjoy my guided reading time with each group, what great connections the students make when they read the MTH books.  How cute to hear one group make a connection to another group that met earlier in the day!

     I'm off to enjoy the beautiful northeastern Wisconsin weekend!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Five for Friday

It’s Friday and I’m ready to post my five!  Unbelievable, I usually am a five for Saturday (or maybe Sunday) type of person!
Thanks Doodle Bugs for hosting!

1 – Earth Day Story Problems with QR Codes – My math students love to SCOOT around the room!  It is so fun to see them engaged in math activities.
     Here is my newest product, hop over to my TpT store for a look.

2 - April Fools day usually isn't a favorite with teachers.  On April Fools day we had burgers and fries!  Not really, but what a fun time making this snack.  A quick Pinterest search resulted in these little cuties!

3 - If I were a rabbit...  this prompted our writing.  Some of the students wrote from the Easter bunny point of view and others from a rabbit point of view.  My students are doing a great job with their writing.  Many students only need minor corrections during our writer's conferences!  One little girl asked me a few days ago when we are doing our next project.  She was so happy when the construction paper and tracers came out!

4 - Adjectives are hopping around our classroom.  Today each student brought in a small item that would fit in a plastic egg.  They wrote four adjectives describing their item.  The students walked around the classroom reading the adjectives and then guessed what was in everyone's egg.  Some of the objects were pretty easy to guess and others were not so easy.  We had bugs, rocks, balls, marshmallows, a gum ball, a birthday candle, a marble, a shark tooth, a cow, and several other small objects. 
     We also worked on a spring focused adjective anchor chart.  While I wrote on the large chart, students were making the same chart in their notebooks. 
     Our class completed another adjective activity.  I grabbed the walmart plastic plates, always a fun change.  At the bottom of the plate students wrote a noun.  Then we scooted to the next desk to write an adjective at the top of the plate.  We repeated this three times.  The student sat at the desk they were at and thought up a silly sentence using the noun and three adjectives.  Some of the students were really surprised with their friends spelling skills.  I think some students were already on break (if you get my drift!).

5 -  Vacation!  Our school doesn't get a week long spring break.  We only get Friday and Monday of Easter off.  It does make for two short weeks of school and really fly by.

Enjoy your Easter!