Sunday, May 31, 2015

So, So, So...

     So many activities, so much to do, and so little time!  I know we all feel like this at the end of the school year.  During the last days of school I always feel like I need to complete one more activity with my students or read one more book or have one more lesson. 

     Here are a few things that have been happening during the last month...

     I love this Mother's Day project!  It is super bright, cheerful, and colorful.  My wonderful classroom volunteer, Mrs. Hoida uses the die cut machine to cut the letters and hearts on out of fun foam.  A couple packages on clearance sale sticky back flowers, a little glue gun magic, and some special time with Mrs. Hoida and each student is ready to present Mom with a wonderful refrigerator magnet (or wherever they would like to put it).

     Our class painted these wonderful birdhouses!  Back in the day my students would use wallpaper sample books but this class loves to paint with watercolors.  So a day of rotating through a painting station was exciting and appreciated by them.  Sweet Mrs. Hoida prepared the strips of paper for the birds.  When the students were ready to add the birds it only took one staple to create the birds.  They were a bit tricky to glue on to the houses but we got it accomplished.

     Our final PBIS school celebration was held on a beautiful sunny afternoon!  This was the third year we had a field day with numerous stations for the students.  Some 2nd graders loving the celebration!

     Our school has an Accelerated Reader program.  Students read all year and complete comprehension quizzes.  By successfully completing the quizzes students earn points.  Here you see several of my students shopping to spend the points they earned.
     We are blessed to have a fantastic AR committee that organizes the entire sale - purchasing items and books.  Many staff members donate items for the sale as well.  It is a blessing to have so many willing helpers to set up and take down and pack all the items.
     AR point sale day is a super exciting day at school!  Everyone is always pleased with the books and items they get.

     Finally we had our last Tasty Tuesday this week.  Every month students prepare a different recipe from ingredients provided by a parent volunteer. This month we made an Alien Snack!  Students had to cut (with plastic knives) their grapes in half, use slices of string cheese for eyes and add mini M&Ms for the mouth and eyeballs.  After the students make their snack, they copy the recipe from the Smartboard.  All of our Tasty Tuesday recipes go into a three-prong folder which is their recipe book.  The kids were so excited to take the books home this week.

     With only 2 1/2 days left with my students we have so many things to do! Enjoy your last days with your students,

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