Friday, June 5, 2015

Five For Friday

     Thanks Doodle Bugs for my favorite linky party...

     This is my first Friday of summer vacation!  Today is a little gloomy outside and as usual I'm feeling a little gloomy on the inside.  So far I kept pretty busy with catch up work around the house and visiting you.

Here are five four three things from my week...

     Games galore!  During the last month of school we had tons of testing.  But my rockin' 2nd graders did great!!!  Anyway, with so much going on I had my kiddos create games to go with their final guided reading group books.  How exciting to see their creativity and sometimes over-the-top ideas.  Students selected construction paper, made spinners, wrote questions, created answer keys, and gathered bottle caps for game pieces.

     "Mrs. Brown will you play my game with me?" was heard numerous times throughout the last week of school.  Even though I had read each book with each group of students I still got some questions wrong.  This produced giggles from game's creator and other players in the group. 

     Everyone helps!  The last day of school had everyone in our class working, organizing, and cleaning.  The kids were surprised how mixed up the books in our classroom library were.  Their help will make my back to school job way easier!  Thanks kids!

     Our elementary school has a tradition of wearing our Cougar shirts/colors on the last of school.  (Tip:  A first grade teacher said they had the students wear their green cougar shirts for the their field trip.  They loved it because it was easy to spot their group!)

     Another tradition we have is to have the elementary staff line the sidewalk and wave to the buses as the students leave.  It's great - the drivers honk, we hoot and holler, and the kids wave and yell!  It is a great quick celebration of our school year!

     I started this post this morning when it was gloomy outside.  Well, I'm happy to say the day brightened and so did my spirit.  I worked in the garden and did a little extra cleaning.

Happy summer!


  1. My last school used a cougar as our mascot too. We cheered for the kids on the way out too, but we also used the metal trashcan lids as drums along with the cheering.
    Grade School Giggles

  2. Thanks for visiting - good idea for next year!