Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Made It

Thanks, Tara!  Monday Made It always has soooo many great ideas for back to school.

This week was another week spent on prepping for Triton Academy (my upcoming presentation with Linda).

My number one this week is using recycled boxes for math puzzles.  This is a great activity because you can easily differentiate the puzzle for each math group you work with. Here is my sample,  I chose to use an equation, tens & ones addition sentence, and the answer.  You can use number words, missing addends, and more.  The puzzles are self checking when the student turns the pieces over.

 Original idea can be found at .

Next I worked on the Pattern/Sorting/Addition Sticks.  Just glue the magnet strips to the jumbo craft sticks.  Add paper clips and you're ready to go.  I used the regular size paper clips but the large paper clips would work well for smaller hands.

Your students can use this to solve addition problems, create patterns, or use all the sticks to sort. I plan to use my set when I meet with my small groups during math workshop time.

The original idea came from

Don't you love summer when everything starts to bloom and you find something new in your garden every day? 

Finally, we enjoyed having two of our daughters home for the weekend along with some of their friends.  A beautiful day on Green Bay in northeastern WI.  Perfect weather for water fun and then a little relaxing with, of course, technology but still outside.

I almost forgot --- check back later in the week for my Thrifty Thursday -  Teacher Style post.

Enjoy your week!


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    1. Thank you! Life's little pleasures can make this teacher happy!

  2. The math puzzle idea is brilliant!

    And the paperclip magnets too.

    Such great made its!

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings