Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

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Cupcakes Words 
Is a quick, cheap, easily changed word work center for your students.  This center can be differentiated for your students' abilities and quickly changed for your themes or the seasons.

Family Dollar had the pans 2 for $1.00, perfect!  I bought two sets so I would have 24 words at a time.  

Cupcake papers come in fantastic colors and a variety of styles for holidays and occasions.

Write your words on each cupcake paper.  
Place the papers in the cupcake pan.
I like to use milk jug caps for game markers.  I have a huge bunch of milk jug caps in my stash, thanks to many friends and family.  Confession time, my OCD side has the caps sorted by color!

Partner activity - Students take turns reading a word.  When they read a word the student will place a marker in that space.  Play continues until one of the players has 4 markers in a row.

Independent activity 1 - Student will put the words in alphabetical order.

Independent activity 2 - Teacher will create a set of words on milk jug caps.  Student will match the words on the caps with the words in the cupcake pan.

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