Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

     Happy Thursday!

To prepare for BTS this year, I made these fantastic flipbooks for the parents.  I hope the parents will like this handy resource.  The flipbook will replace my usual parent back to school letter.  I love the bright colors, the colors should make the flipbook stand out when the parents take them home.  

You can get your own editable flipbook here.
for this great product!

Today's thrifty idea is a off cast from my flipbook project.
When I was finished spending time with my paper cutter, I had this pretty stack of paper scraps.  Insert lightbulb here -- my students can use these for bookmarks!!!  Like any money saving teacher I sorted the skinny pieces from the larger pieces and placed them in this handy bookmark pocket.  I think the students will have fun picking out a bright color bookmark.  

I did toss out the really skinny pieces, just couldn't think of a use for them.  Maybe confetti but I didn't want to spend time making confetti.  I do have my limits!  If you have a use for the super skinny pieces let me know.

The larger bright paper strips will be used with our class word wall pockets.  I will use different color strips for different subjects.  Check back for my post about this word wall pocket chart.

Our school district has made a decision to have uniform colors for various subject areas. 

This is our district's plan:
Reading - red
Language Arts - purple
Math - yellow
Social Studies - blue
Science - green

Students start in 5 days!  Summer goes by so quickly!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

Happy Thursday, Friends!

This week I'm talking about puzzles.  
Thank you Dollar Tree for putting these great resources in your store!

I had a couple of puzzles that I sometimes put out for my students when they had inside recess.  However, the image in my head had quiet students sitting cooperatively putting the puzzles together without dropping pieces or hiding the pieces from each other.

As I was cleaning out and organizing my classroom storage area I found the puzzles tucked way in the back just taking up space.  Reality set in and I just about tossed them in my box to be delivered to Good Will.

My teaching friend, Linda showed me a Pinterest post (if this is your originial idea, please let me know) using puzzles.  

Here is my take on the idea...

With a little time you will have a great word work or math center.

I put the puzzle together.  Then traced all the pieces on a piece of card stock.  Once that was finished I started writing contractions on the puzzle pieces and the two words on the same pieces that I traced.

I placed the card stock inside a plastic pocket (also found at Dollar Tree).  Students will read the puzzle pieces and match to the traced piece.  I do not put a picture of the completed puzzle in the center.  I want the students to read the words and match without just putting the puzzle together.

Additional Activities

Letter Matching for younger student

Compound Words

Synonyms and Antonyms

Math Equations

Place Value - write a number on the puzzle pieces.  On the traced pieces write the hundred boxes, ten sticks, and ones.

Check out your stash of puzzles, maybe you'll find a hidden treasure just waiting to be used!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

I'm on a countdown to the start of school!!!  
I know that many of you are back in your classrooms working with your students.

This Thrifty Thursday post gives you an idea for using an egg tray and plastic eggs.  I know that you may be thinking this is more of an Easter idea, but read on...

Here you see I made the activity with compound words.

Additional ideas...

Prefix and Suffix words - write the prefix on one part of the egg and the base word on the other half of the egg.  Follow the same procedure for suffixes.

Contractions - write the contraction on one side and the two words on the other side.

Math Equations - write the equation on one half and the answer on the other half.

Letter Matching - for younger children write a letter on one side and a matching letter on the other side.

Have a great rest of the week!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Five for Friday

This is my first Five for Friday all summer!  And here it is almost time for school to begin.

Thank you, Kacey for hosting!


Linda and I had a fantastic two days presenting at Triton Academy.  Triton Academy is a technology academy for teachers in northeastern WI area. 

We presented four sessions in two days for a total of twelve hours of teaching time!  Now for two gals that have had the summer off that was a lot of talking time!

Here are a few class members making some of the items from our Word Wall make and take session.

Relaxing time!  I don't know how you relax but spending a little time creating with a crochet hook is relaxing for me.  I finished this adult size afghan.  I plan to donate it to our local library for one of their fund raising events.

I know many of you are back at school.   I also know you understand the feeling of your last days of vacation.  During the next two weeks my calendar has something everyday, not all school related, but still...!!!

Teachers enjoy the start of school, the newness of everything, fresh ideas, excitement, anticipation!  But like everyone we enjoy coffee in our pjs, a nap, reading a book, fishing, being with our families, crocheting and more!

Oh well, enough said on the subject you get the idea in September we'll all be in full swing with our school routine.

I would love for you stop back every Thursday for my weekly Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style post.  Each Thursday I bring you a money saving idea for your classroom.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Environmental Print Numbers


The original Environmental Print Numbers post is here.

I created a set of task cards to use with my number set this school year.  These cards will be printed on colored card stock, laminated and ready for the start of the school year.

As I gather more numbers I will make another set of task cards so I can have two of these centers during my math workshop time.

Get your freebie in my TpT store!   
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Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

I love Thursday and sending you another thrifty post!
This week let's talk about the clear plastic boxes you get when you buy some veggies, berries, or maybe cookies or donut holes.  You know the ones I'm talking about.

Tossing these boxes in the recycle bin has been bothering me for awhile.  
 There must be a classroom use for these boxes. 

Finally I found an answer...


What's a Woggle?

Here is the original post. 
Thank you Clever Classroom for sparking my creativity!

Here is my twist on the Woggle activity.

 I started with an assortment of clear plastic boxes.  I found the boxes with the blue lids at Dollar Tree.  Later as I searched my cabinets at home I found similar boxes that I had saved from lunch/deli meat. 
  Next I grabbed a bag of my saved plastic lids.  My first Word Woggle game has lids from water bottles.  I decided to make a game using fall words.  You get the idea, the lids can be changed again and again to match your theme or season or need to practice words.
My friend, Linda and I presented at Triton Academy (a tech academy for educators in northeastern WI) and this was one of our make and take projects during our Word Wall session.  Above you see Sue working on her Word Woggle game.  She is using bigger lids from milk jugs and a larger plastic box from strawberries.

To play the game students need a recording sheet (a piece of paper will do).  Students number their paper.  One student is in charge of the timer (I use an iPod timer).  That student shakes the box and says go.  Players look in the box to find words.  Each lid has a number and a word on it, as players find the words they write them on the corresponding lines on their recording sheet.  For my 2nd graders about 30 seconds is enough time per round.  At the end of the round the timer is reset and the box is given a shake and players try to find different words.  Play continues until someone has all the words in the box or the center time is done.

I would suggest that you use larger lids and a larger container for younger students.  
Find lids to match the colors of the season or theme.
Other clear containers - plastic jars from peanut butter, relish, mayo; powdered drink mixes (pull off the plastic label); some large size yogurt containers have clear plastic lids (players have to look straight down into the container).

The project is a total win because none of the pieces cost any money!!!  And that's my style!

Enjoy your Thrifty Thursday!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hey, Triton Friends!

Welcome to day two of Triton Academy!

Wednesday morning our presentation is
Teachers Pay Teachers - Here We Come!

Wednesday afternoon our presentation is 
Word Wall WOW!

Here is the assignment link.

It's always fun to have you visit!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Welcome, Triton Friends!

It is so much fun reconnecting and making new connections with you!  Linda and I truly enjoy preparing all the materials for you and love to see the look on your face when we give you a freebie!

Below you will find the google slides for our Tuesday presentations.  We put the presentations here so you have easy access to them and the links to the fantastic resources on line.

Tuesday morning we are presenting
Web Resources for PreK-2.
Amazing!!! Is the best word to describe the talent of all the educators and sites that we searched to come up with our top picks for this Triton session.
Have fun browsing!

Our Tuesday afternoon session is 
Something New PK-2.
We love teaching this section and working with you to create all the materials we have planned. 

Thanks for stopping by!