Friday, August 7, 2015

Five for Friday

This is my first Five for Friday all summer!  And here it is almost time for school to begin.

Thank you, Kacey for hosting!


Linda and I had a fantastic two days presenting at Triton Academy.  Triton Academy is a technology academy for teachers in northeastern WI area. 

We presented four sessions in two days for a total of twelve hours of teaching time!  Now for two gals that have had the summer off that was a lot of talking time!

Here are a few class members making some of the items from our Word Wall make and take session.

Relaxing time!  I don't know how you relax but spending a little time creating with a crochet hook is relaxing for me.  I finished this adult size afghan.  I plan to donate it to our local library for one of their fund raising events.

I know many of you are back at school.   I also know you understand the feeling of your last days of vacation.  During the next two weeks my calendar has something everyday, not all school related, but still...!!!

Teachers enjoy the start of school, the newness of everything, fresh ideas, excitement, anticipation!  But like everyone we enjoy coffee in our pjs, a nap, reading a book, fishing, being with our families, crocheting and more!

Oh well, enough said on the subject you get the idea in September we'll all be in full swing with our school routine.

I would love for you stop back every Thursday for my weekly Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style post.  Each Thursday I bring you a money saving idea for your classroom.

Have a great weekend!

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