Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

Happy Thursday, Friends!

This week I'm talking about puzzles.  
Thank you Dollar Tree for putting these great resources in your store!

I had a couple of puzzles that I sometimes put out for my students when they had inside recess.  However, the image in my head had quiet students sitting cooperatively putting the puzzles together without dropping pieces or hiding the pieces from each other.

As I was cleaning out and organizing my classroom storage area I found the puzzles tucked way in the back just taking up space.  Reality set in and I just about tossed them in my box to be delivered to Good Will.

My teaching friend, Linda showed me a Pinterest post (if this is your originial idea, please let me know) using puzzles.  

Here is my take on the idea...

With a little time you will have a great word work or math center.

I put the puzzle together.  Then traced all the pieces on a piece of card stock.  Once that was finished I started writing contractions on the puzzle pieces and the two words on the same pieces that I traced.

I placed the card stock inside a plastic pocket (also found at Dollar Tree).  Students will read the puzzle pieces and match to the traced piece.  I do not put a picture of the completed puzzle in the center.  I want the students to read the words and match without just putting the puzzle together.

Additional Activities

Letter Matching for younger student

Compound Words

Synonyms and Antonyms

Math Equations

Place Value - write a number on the puzzle pieces.  On the traced pieces write the hundred boxes, ten sticks, and ones.

Check out your stash of puzzles, maybe you'll find a hidden treasure just waiting to be used!

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