Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

I love Thursday and sending you another thrifty post!
This week let's talk about the clear plastic boxes you get when you buy some veggies, berries, or maybe cookies or donut holes.  You know the ones I'm talking about.

Tossing these boxes in the recycle bin has been bothering me for awhile.  
 There must be a classroom use for these boxes. 

Finally I found an answer...


What's a Woggle?

Here is the original post. 
Thank you Clever Classroom for sparking my creativity!

Here is my twist on the Woggle activity.

 I started with an assortment of clear plastic boxes.  I found the boxes with the blue lids at Dollar Tree.  Later as I searched my cabinets at home I found similar boxes that I had saved from lunch/deli meat. 
  Next I grabbed a bag of my saved plastic lids.  My first Word Woggle game has lids from water bottles.  I decided to make a game using fall words.  You get the idea, the lids can be changed again and again to match your theme or season or need to practice words.
My friend, Linda and I presented at Triton Academy (a tech academy for educators in northeastern WI) and this was one of our make and take projects during our Word Wall session.  Above you see Sue working on her Word Woggle game.  She is using bigger lids from milk jugs and a larger plastic box from strawberries.

To play the game students need a recording sheet (a piece of paper will do).  Students number their paper.  One student is in charge of the timer (I use an iPod timer).  That student shakes the box and says go.  Players look in the box to find words.  Each lid has a number and a word on it, as players find the words they write them on the corresponding lines on their recording sheet.  For my 2nd graders about 30 seconds is enough time per round.  At the end of the round the timer is reset and the box is given a shake and players try to find different words.  Play continues until someone has all the words in the box or the center time is done.

I would suggest that you use larger lids and a larger container for younger students.  
Find lids to match the colors of the season or theme.
Other clear containers - plastic jars from peanut butter, relish, mayo; powdered drink mixes (pull off the plastic label); some large size yogurt containers have clear plastic lids (players have to look straight down into the container).

The project is a total win because none of the pieces cost any money!!!  And that's my style!

Enjoy your Thrifty Thursday!

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