Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

     Happy Thursday!

To prepare for BTS this year, I made these fantastic flipbooks for the parents.  I hope the parents will like this handy resource.  The flipbook will replace my usual parent back to school letter.  I love the bright colors, the colors should make the flipbook stand out when the parents take them home.  

You can get your own editable flipbook here.
for this great product!

Today's thrifty idea is a off cast from my flipbook project.
When I was finished spending time with my paper cutter, I had this pretty stack of paper scraps.  Insert lightbulb here -- my students can use these for bookmarks!!!  Like any money saving teacher I sorted the skinny pieces from the larger pieces and placed them in this handy bookmark pocket.  I think the students will have fun picking out a bright color bookmark.  

I did toss out the really skinny pieces, just couldn't think of a use for them.  Maybe confetti but I didn't want to spend time making confetti.  I do have my limits!  If you have a use for the super skinny pieces let me know.

The larger bright paper strips will be used with our class word wall pockets.  I will use different color strips for different subjects.  Check back for my post about this word wall pocket chart.

Our school district has made a decision to have uniform colors for various subject areas. 

This is our district's plan:
Reading - red
Language Arts - purple
Math - yellow
Social Studies - blue
Science - green

Students start in 5 days!  Summer goes by so quickly!