Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

How do you utilize paint chips in your classroom?
This week I'm sharing my idea for math mountain paint chips.  If you are familiar with the Math Expressions series you know all about math mountains.  Some may call these number bonds.

I went to a large hardware store and gathered up these cool paint chips.  Since the paint chips have the triangle appearance they are wonderful for math mountain activities. Here are some of the cards that I prepared for my students. 

On one card I wrote equals ___, on the other cards I wrote all the facts that go with that number.  For this activity students have to sort the cards into the various fact families.

To switch up the activity write the sum on a clothespin.  Students will clip all the cards into the clothespin.  Or write out as many clothespins as needed to answer all the cards.

Another switch up - put the top number on the math mountain card and in one of the bottom places.  To answer the cards students will clip on answer clothespins.

It's almost the weekend!

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