Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

Do you have an extra egg carton or two?  Here is a great word work activity for your students.  

Collect a variety of environmental print letters.  I am continually cutting letters from any boxes we use at our house or in my classroom.  Cereal, pasta, brownie mix, tissue, whatever kind of box that is available - before I toss it out I cut out all the larger size letters and numbers.

After you have collected lots of letters depending on the level of your students you can...

Place a group/handful/some letters in an egg carton. Students will shake the egg carton.  Then open the carton and try to make words with the letters that are facing up.  Students will record the words that can make.  To make it easy on me, I do not make a special recording sheet.  Students just use a piece of notebook paper to record their answers.

How many words can you make? 
I see: eat, ate tea, team, meat, made, fad, fade, face, and a few more.

You will notice that some of the letters are turned over, that will happen when you shake your egg carton.  Tip - some of the letters may fall out if your students shake the carton too hard.  You may want to check your egg carton to make sure it closes tight.

Younger students can be given a rime, for example -at.  Place the letters in the egg carton.  Student will shake the carton and then make the words using the letters facing up and the given rime.  At the top of your recording sheet write 
-at. Below students will write all the words and/or nonsense words can make.  If we use the same letters as above with the rime -at, we could make these words:
dat, cat, mat, tat, fat

Finally, your students will have to decide which are the real words and which are the nonsense words.  In my classroom I have the students circle the real words.

Now for a freebie!!!  If you have a large stash of environmental print letters collected you can set up a word work center using these free task cards.
Click here to get your freebie!

Happy Thursday!

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