Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

Halloween classroom parties are fast approaching.  
I just wanted to share my tips for our classroom parties with you.

Plan, plan, plan!  I have not had successful classroom parties when I just let things happen.  That is when things happen, if you get my drift.  If you don't get my drift that's okay.

My planning starts at the beginning of the school year when I have parents sign up to bring treats for our classroom parties.  We have three parties throughout the school year - Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day.

Many parents ask for treat suggestions, here are my suggestions to them:
bottled water
string cheese
cheese and crackers
sausage and crackers
chips/popcorn/snack mix
puppy chow (most kids just take a small scoop)

I have learned over the years that most cookies, cupcakes, and brownies have one bite taken out of it and the rest get tossed into the trash.  Parents appreciate when their child is not filled up with sugary treats.

Minimal set up - I have a table cloth for each of the holidays and I pick up the paper plates and napkins from Dollar Tree (my favorite dollar store).  The dollar store table covers are easily rolled up and tossed in the trash - super easy clean up!

Activities - bingo games are my go to games.  I have holiday bingo games for each of the parties.  I used clip art and created my own bingo cards.  
Pictionary type games are my second favorite.  Often parents show up and want to "visit" the party.  When they stop in for a visit I always have a list of holiday words ready.

Here is my twist on Pictionary - I use my Eggspert!  The class is divided into two teams, one player from each team comes up to the Eggspert.  (I only connect two of the buzzers.) The parent starts drawing as soon as they know the answer the player pushes their buzzer and answers quickly.  Since  many students like to shout out the answer they may be giving the opposing team the answer! When their opponent answers before they do the shouting out usually cuts down because they do not want to give answers.  When we are using Eggspert there is no discussion about which team said the answer first.

The weekend is coming!

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