Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

Hello Friends,

I'm here with a some not so original ideas.  Instead I would like to share a few Halloween party games that I found while searching the web.

I found four different activities and if your school parties are like mine, there really isn't time for too many games.  You can relate to the super excited, costume clad, too much sugar grade schooler!!!

Well anyway, last week I gave you my two favorite games, here are the freebies I found for you.  Check out all the great bloggers and their ideas!

I love the use of candy corn for marking the bingo spaces. The site has different bingo cards.

2 - Mr. Bones relay & Throw Me A Bone - scroll down the page to find the 2nd-3rd grade games.
I think we will try the Mr. Bones relay this year.  All I have to do is print and cut out.  This will be great job for my classroom volunteer.  I will enlarge the picture to make it easier for the students to handle.

3 - Halloween Charades - here is a great list on charades ideas.  Just print and you're ready to go.

4 - Mummy Bowling - So cute!  I've used pumpkin bowling in my classroom but mummy bowling is way cuter!

Enjoy these easy, no/low-prep Halloween party actitivies!

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