Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thrifty Thursday - Teacher Style

Tomorrow is the big day!  The first classroom party of the year.  Everyone will be so excited.  Our school is allowing the students to come dressed in their costumes (school appropriate)!  We've never allowed students in their costumes all day so this will be interesting to see how it all works out.

Below is the list of items I came up with our classroom charades game.  Just print and cut apart.  I'm not going to laminate mine because it is so easy to print the slips of paper again next year.  And I won't have to store them and then remember where I put the slips of paper.

Just a hint for the day after or few days after Halloween stop by your favorite Family Dollar store to grab Halloween items for next year!  I did this last year and scored a bunch of cool things (erasers, squishy bugs, etc.) for our party this year all at 75% off the regular price.  Also, remember to check the clearance candy section for some good deals.  I like to have treats around for the occasional bingo type games we play in class.

Here is another thrifty idea to lead up to Thanksgiving...

Many of you do estimation jars.  This year my estimation jar will have a little twist.  Here is a list of what will be in my classroom estimation jar:

~ acorns
~acorns and candy corn
~candy corn
~candy corn and turkey feathers (regular colored feathers)
~dried corn kernels or popcorn kernels
~corn kernels and turkey feathers

All of the items are free or very cheap.  I like to put two different items in the jar to get my kiddos looking at the items in the jar in different ways and focusing on different objects.  I've never put more than two things in the jar but maybe that would be a challenge.

The student who guesses correctly or closest to correct will earn a space on our classroom bingo board (it's a PBIS thing) or sometimes I hand out a candy treat.

Finally, I have a favor to ask...
if possible could you please click on the link and vote for my school?  We are trying to win a technology grant!  I would really, really appreciate it. 

Our school is Coleman.  
Right now we are in 5th place but hoping to move up in the rankings.
Thank you so much!

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