Saturday, November 14, 2015

Five for Friday

Happy weekend, everyone!
Thank you Doodlebugs for hosting...
Our week was pretty busy, in fact as I think about it we only had four days!  No wonder I was tired by the end of the week.  Well here's what we did...
Book reports - we used this product - Turkey Craftivity by Blooming in 1st.  
These little guys perked up the hallway outside our classroom!

My students did a fantastic job with their storm reports.  For those 2nd grade teachers who use the Journeys reading series, the reports were a homework assignment that connected with the unit.
Each student presented their storm brochure. It is always a great activity to have the students get up in front of their peers to "teach" them.  We used a product from Emilie Education TpT store.  Emilie has wonderful products that enhance the Journeys reading series (for those of us that have to follow a series).
 One student said his mom helped with the writing and his dad made the tornado bottle.  He was so proud when he gave his presentation and everyone "oooo-ed" at sight of his tornado!  This is a little guy who could really use the extra attention from his peers. 
The presentations connect to the speaking and listening standards.  Before we start the presentations we go over our PBIS expectations for an assembly-listen to the speaker, manners, etc.

Everyone loves tasty treat day!  Thank you Pinterest for so many great ideas.  Today we made Owl S'mores. 
 I have been putting science on the back burner day after day.  I'm sure you can relate to not having time for certain activities.  Friday I wasn't letting science go or maybe not letting the kiddos go until we finished (not really, I need my Friday after school prep time).  Anyway, we used Andrea Knight's TpT product to complete our experiment.  I did have to modify it a bit to fit the foods I had on hand.  Next week we'll be doing another of her science activities. I'm so glad I discovered her products.  Check out her science activities suitable for December. 
Following the activity everyone went back to their seats to complete the T-chart.  At this point I stressed that they are scientists and as part of a scientist job they work quietly (this is a chatty group) to document the experiment. These few words put a little more value in their work and some took it more serious and did a better job with their T-chart.  I did put on some Kidz Bop music because we guessed that scientists probably listen to music when they work!
We had another great week of reading!  I've talked before about our AR reading program.  Many students moved up in their certification levels.
Have a relaxing weekend!

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