Friday, December 4, 2015

Five for Friday

Thanks, Doodlebugs for hosting Five for Friday!
This week it was all things caribou!
We completed this super cute directed reindeer drawing.  I don't know who put the original post on pinterest, if it is you send me a link.
For the pretty background, I die cut snowflakes, peeled papers off crayons, and gave the kids a quick lesson on how to make rubbings on their papers.
I love how the reindeer look like they are in a snow storm!

Super simple supplies - white paper and crayons!

We made yummy caribou snacks.  Thank you pinterest search!

One math activity from the week...

greater than and less than dice roll.  The students liked using the large dice and cute greater than guy.

Our writing focus this week was writing to inform.  Of course, the topic was caribou.
Our anchor chart was very helpful to the students.  However, when they are researching facts they are not allowed to just copy everything off the chart.
(Insert sad face, I forgot to take a picture of our anchor chart.  Maybe I'll snap one next week.)
To help with our research, my daughter and TpT partner wrote a caribou book. 

Finally, we made catapults to launch snowballs (mini marshmallows and pom poms) for our science activity.  How fun!  The kids got a charge out of this activity.
Wow!  There was so much wonderful discussion and partnership during this activity.

It's the weekend!!!


  1. I love the comparing numbers activity with the dice!!! Might have to borrow it!

  2. Your catapult and "snow" lesson sounds so engaging and fun! :)