Saturday, December 12, 2015

Five for Friday

Happy Friday!  Thank you, Doodlebugs!

This week we started with some December Holiday learning.  Here is our anchor chart.

I just love it when my students are totally engaged and wanting more!  Many of them didn't know anything about Hanukkah or Kwanzaa but after a time of research some of them think they are experts!
Here is an easy craft we made following our  Hanukkah discussion.  I think the menorahs turned out so pretty.  The projects are hanging outside our classroom and have gotten many people to stop and take a second look!  As usual, a quick Pinterest search turned up this project.  I cut strips of scrap book paper for the candles.  The students had to design their own base.  Pretty quick project.  We added glitter which created lovely flames on the candles.

Since we were discussing reindeer, both fiction and non-fiction we did a little extra PE time outside.  As you'll notice in the picture this is very un-Wisconsin-like weather.  Most years we have several inches of snow on the ground by now.  Enough about the weather.  During our extra PE time we used items from nature to create these cute reindeer.  I gathered the items at home and school, placed them in tubs at the far end of our relay area and we were ready.  One student at a time ran to get one item and bring it back to their team.  Each reindeer was made with 8 items.  That was alot of huffing and puffing as the kiddos ran back and forth.
When some students were debating who won, a classmate spoke up, "We're all winners!  We got to play and get healthy!"  Yes, thank you little one!

Tasty Treat Tuesday - the kids always get so excited to make a new recipe.  Who knew that chocolate donuts and pretzels could make such a cute snack.

Our grade level incorporates science and social studies into our literacy block.  Three times a week I have time in my schedule to focus more on these subjects.  My class has been focusing on Then and Now.  We studied Pilgrims and now are discussing Pioneers.  Students cooperated with each other to complete several activities - then, now, both; fact or opinion; and animal tracks.  Check out my TpT store for my pioneer unit activities. 

Enjoy your weekend!

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