Saturday, January 9, 2016

Five for Friday on Saturday

Thank you, Doodle Bugs! I love this weekly linky party!!!
Rulers, inches, centimeters and more!  Lots of measurement activities this week.  Having fun measuring lots of everyday school items.

Quick Spin Math game - I've had this cute finger spinner from Dollar Tree since the beginning of the school and still hadn't used it.  Today was the day to play Quick Spin!  

To play Quick Spin I wrote a variety of numbers on the white board and added the magnetic finger spinner to the middle.  I would spin the first number and have a student spin the second number.  Students then completed the 2-digit addition problem.  When everyone finished we quickly checked the answer.  On cue, cheers were heard for their correct answers! 

We were able to complete as much work as they would have accomplished on a worksheet in about half the time!  Oh the power of games!

This week my Thrifty Thursday post told you about using recycled Christmas materials to make our cool jellyfish.  Today I want to share our completed jellyfish projects. 

To begin the week we discussed jellyfish and created a chart to anchor our learning.
Next, we researched jellyfish facts. Finally the students used their best penmanship to create a great non-fiction writing piece.
Sometimes you just have to have a little quiet in a classroom.  Friday afternoon at 2:30 was that time.  I was fortunate to snag enough Chromebooks for my entire class (even though I didn't sign up in advance).  When I walked in with the cart, the kiddos were surprised.  Some guessed we all have to work on Lexia (a reading/ela program on line).  When I wrote on the board they were excited!  I just bought myself 20 minutes of quiet and they were totally engaged in quickly logging on (a somewhat difficult task for several students) and navigating to abcya. This was the first time this year the students were able to have this type of activity. I know it won't be our last!

Have a great weekend!

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