Saturday, January 23, 2016

Five for Friday

It's Friday! Thanks, Doodlebugs!

We've been working on our shape unit.  The kiddos were excited when these building materials came out.
 Very good example of edges and vertices, yummy too!
Our science investigation this week was Fishing for Ice.  Yesterday I shared our investigation paper with you.  When my class works on an investigation/experiment we discuss what "real/grown up" scientists probably do in their labs.  This quick discussion focuses the students sets the stage for more serious work from my second graders.
You can see my little scientists had success with their investigation.  When you read through our investigation paper you'll find there are two secret ingredients.  The students perform the entire experiment without knowing what the secret ingredients are.  The final step is tasting the secret ingredients.  What a surprise to the students!

To conclude our science time I hand out the last page in the packet.  This page gives the what happened during the experiment.

As a teacher, I loved hearing, "This is so much fun!"  "This was our best experiment yet!"
Quizmo - I'll call this game vintage because it's on the aging side.  With that said, my students really love playing addition bingo.

We enjoyed a reader's theater presented by some first grade students. 

Our week ended with taping another second grade teacher to the wall!  The students at our school read 27,000,000 words during the first semester of school.  The reward was taping Mr. E to the wall, what a good sport!

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Love your shapes and marshmallows idea!! I"m definitely mentioning the whole taping a teacher to the wall idea to my principal! Very cool!!